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Private markets

Invest in vision. Shape the future.

Direct investments in private markets can be complex and time-consuming, with the right opportunities not always easy to find. At Credit Suisse, we put our expertise to work to connect you with tomorrow’s game-changers – and help you stay a step ahead.

Take tomorrow.
With direct investments in private markets.

This is a financial promotion. For information purposes only.
This website should not be used as a basis for investment decisions.

Private markets expertise

Through access to sector expertise and research, you can assess opportunities that are not publicly available.


Our personal service ensures alignment between investors and ventures.

Global connections

Our extensive network of venture founders and entrepreneurs helps you find the right opportunities across the world.

Game-changing opportunities

With a shared passion for innovation, we can introduce you to the ventures and visionaries shaping the future.

Connect with ventures that shape the future

Investors in search of alpha have increasingly shifted their attention to private markets. The Private Innovation Circle provides an exclusive opportunity to explore game-changing ideas from pioneering ventures from around the world.

The potential of your family office

All investments involve some level of risk. Simply defined, risk is the possibility that you will lose money or not make money. Before you invest, please make sure you understand the risks that apply to the products. As with any investment, you could lose money over any period of time.

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