Investment solutions

With our bespoke investment solutions, you decide on the scope and frequency of advice, portfolio monitoring, research insights, and investment ideas you receive.

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Our investment solutions

Choose from the following mandate options:

You decide on the appropriate investment strategy and delegate the management and execution to our expert team of Portfolio Managers.


You decide on the level of investment advice you want from us. Whether you prefer a high-touch service and access to a personal Investment Consultant or pro-active advice from your Relationship Manager, we can provide an advisory package tailored to your needs.

Investments can go down as well as up and your capital may be at risk

Smart investing with Credit Suisse House View

The Credit Suisse House View builds on our comprehensive research capabilities in order to provide clear and actionable long-term forecasts. Covering more than 90 asset classes, 2000 single stocks, and 1800 bonds, the House View forms the basis of structured and proven investment strategies that help you capture compelling opportunities and avoid pitfalls.


What’s more, it incorporates the views and forecasts of our leading strategists from both Wealth Management and Investment Banking teams. This pioneering set-up helps us provide you with a single, consistent, and fully aligned House View across the bank and around the world.

Put our expert knowhow to good use

The Credit Suisse House View is shaped by our Investment Committee, a group of senior investment professionals, including members from the sell side. They bring to the table various areas of expertise and a proven investment track record of more than 175 years, cumulatively. The Investment Committee meets twice per month to discuss the latest views and market developments, and to decide on potential changes to the House View. This robust process ensures that we always take into account the very latest market environment.

Take advantage of our systematic approach

The House View helps you navigate the financial markets and identify not just good opportunities, but also attractive products and solutions for short and longer-term investments. As a client, you benefit from our systematic and disciplined approach to investing, anchored by the Credit Suisse House View. Its strong performance even in phases of increased volatility demonstrates the relevance of the Credit Suisse House View in creating value for clients.

Key pillars of the Credit Suisse House View

First, we get to know you and your situation. And then we get to work turning your goals into reality.

This is where we track global societal trends and translate them into long-term investment strategies. Supertrends are released every year.

Every year we pick the dominant themes for the twelve months ahead. These themes and the research that goes with them are referenced regularly throughout the year.

Change is the only constant, so we always keep our ear to the ground, always tracking short and medium-term opportunities.

These are the investment strategies and research that form the basis of our views.

Here we capture the breadth of the market by evaluating the risk and return of around 90 asset classes.

Based our capital market assumptions, the investment committee decides the best risk/return ratio for our clients.

Smart moves

Supplementing core, well-diversified portfolios with satellite investments gives investors the ability to take advantage of shorter-term opportunities and high conviction investment themes to achieve their investment goals. The following strategies are expected to work well together or on their own.


Adding portfolio hedges such as capital protected notes and hedge funds may mitigate downside performance.


Considering higher yielding investments may provide attractive sources of income in a lower for longer interest rate world.


Pursuing growth opportunities via Supertrends and Private Equity can offer higher returns over the long term.

Holistic offerings at every stage of your life

Every one of our clients is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of products and services that can be tailored to you and your family. We've developed holistic offerings for every stage of life, and with our structured advisory process, we can determine which wealth planning solution is right for you.

We’re focused on your needs and goals

As a first step, your Relationship Manager will undertake a comprehensive analysis of your needs, expectations, goals, and constraints. They will then work with you and our experts to develop an investment solution tailored to your needs today and into the future. Going forward, they will regularly monitor your portfolio.

Learn more about our structured advisory process

Your needs and objectives are the focus of the holistic advice provided by your Relationship Manager.

Your Relationship Manager uses the results of the needs analysis to develop your personal financial concept.

Your personal risk profile enables us to make the right investment decisions.

Your Relationship Manager will provide you with a comprehensive investment proposal based on your profile.

Your Relationship Manager will offer you professional support in the implementation of the chosen strategy and in the ongoing management of your assets.