Private Banking Disclaimers


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You have reached this page through a hyperlink contained in a communication issued by Credit Suisse. 

Important Legal Information

This page and the other pages connected by hyperlinks below are an integral part of that communication and any attachments therein. They contain important information that you must read.

References to Credit Suisse include all of the subsidiaries and affiliates of Credit Suisse operating under its private banking division in London.

Documents executed on behalf of Credit Suisse (UK) Limited typically require two authorised signatories and will be accompanied by a company stamp. If you are in any doubt as to the validity of any executed document entered into with Credit Suisse (UK) Limited you should direct your query to:

Data Privacy Policy

Our overview of how we will process personal data and of data subject rights according to data privacy laws.
Data Privacy Policy PDF

Marketing Disclaimer

The marketing disclaimer must be read if the communication or any attachment contains presentations, term sheets or any other marketing material.
Marketing Disclaimer PDF

SCARPs Disclaimer

The SCARPS disclaimer must be read in addition to the marketing disclaimer if the communication or any attachment contains information about a financial product that has a capital at risk element.
SCARPS Disclaimer PDF

Valuations Disclaimer

The valuations disclaimer must be read if the communication or any attachment contains any ad hoc, third party or consolidated report or valuation.
Valuations Disclaimer PDF