2023 Conferences/Corporate Days

Please note some of the below events are by invitation only and all may be subject to change. Please contact your Credit Suisse sales or Corporate Access representative if you are interested in any of the events.

Dates Conference Location
Aug 15-17, 2023 2nd Annual Brazil Financials Conference Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sep 12-13, 2023 36th Annual Specialties & Basics Conference New York, NY
Nov 13-16, 2023 32nd Annual Healthcare Conference Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Nov 14-16, 2023 16th Equity Forum Switzerland Zurich, Switzerland
Nov 27-30, 2023 27th Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference Scottsdale, AZ
Nov 28 – Dec 1, 2023 11th Annual Industrials Conference Palm Beach, FL
Dec 5-6, 2023 2023 Climate Tech Conference Virtual Event/ AMER

*Elements of this event may be conducted virtually

Dates and events subject to change and confirmation. More events will be added in time.

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Global Corporate Access Team

Tom Lewis, Salima Virani, Lynn-Marie Latta, Amanda Baird, Rachel Clifton (New York)

Cyrus Cheng, Minna Chiu, Faye Man, Asako Oka-Delahunty (London), Sakura Nishimoto (Japan), Cathy Kermond (Australia/NZ), Brian Scholtz (Australia/NZ)

Lauren MacIntosh, Amy Landon, Patty Jones, Jennifer Horstman, Amanda Baird (Europe)

Ana Carvalho (Brazil), DD Corporate Access Brazil