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Scaling up facilities to capture, store and utilize carbon

With an acceleration in the number of countries moving towards net zero 2050 objectives, the main existing technologies for carbon capture storage and utilization offer an important component in a suite of initiatives to limit global warming. For very carbon intensive industries, where new technologies to minimize or avoid carbon emissions may take decades to develop, capital flows to scale up carbon capture facilities can accelerate the pace of reducing carbon emissions in the face of climate change.

Global CIO House View October 2021

The turn of the quarter brought with it a turn in investor sentiment.

The longevity of health and wellbeing investments

The pandemic has accelerated many of society's health and wellbeing issues and structural trends that were already in existence pre-COVID. Private capital can play a role in helping grow the companies that are working to solve these global problems.

Investing for women: Connecting with your portfolio

The top three emotions associated with financial planning for men are self-confidence, excitement and happiness, while for women it’s self-confidence, stress and anxiety1. Women engage with their money less than men and generally have a more conservative approach to investing. This does not have to be the case, according to the newly published report, Woman to woman: Connecting with your portfolio.
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