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Global CIO House View November/December 2020

This year has not been shy of market-moving events, and recent weeks continued to deliver.

At the verge of revolution: 5G and the future of the Internet of Things.

Remember those old school "brick" cell phones from the late 1980s popularized by Gordon Gekko's famous walk along the beach in the movie Wall Street? They may look like museum pieces now, but back then they were cutting-edge technology. That was an example of "1G" technology.

A new era for American politics

The new US administration will face many challenges. High on the agenda will be climate policy, international trade, government debt and most pressingly, how to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

US election. Implications for financial markets and global economy

In our latest Credit Suisse podcast, Brian Blackstone speaks with the bank's chief economist James Sweeney about the implications of the US elections for financial markets, fiscal stimulus and international economic policy.
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