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Private Innovation Circle

In search of game-changing entrepreneurs

Private Innovation Circle -
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The Private Innovation Circle (PIC) is an exclusive point of contact between successful entrepreneurs and private investors with an eye for innovation. The search for the next group of game-changers is on.

Explore future growth

At the virtual Private Innovation Circle of October 27, 2020, eight entrepreneurs presented their growth companies to a select group of investors. From a seaweed-based substitute for plastic to AI-enabled farm management, a smartphone-controlled pain management device, and a robotic alternative to the assembly line – the featured companies proved yet again how innovation can bring transformational solutions to global challenges.


About the Private Innovation Circle (PIC)

Credit Suisse launched the Private Innovation Circle in 2014 as an exclusive point of contact between successful entrepreneurs and private investors with an eye for innovation. Since then, nearly 60 leading-edge ventures have had the opportunity to present.

The PIC Committee, composed of senior Credit Suisse experts in Investment Banking Advisory, Private Asset and Capital Markets, and Asset Management, hand-picked this year’s participants out of more than 500 nominations.

Company evaluation criteria

  • Strength of idea
  • Management track record
  • Proof of concept
  • Potential for revenue generation

This rigorous screening process ensures that the companies invited to join the PIC are defined as much by their vision as their commercial viability.

What also sets the PIC apart is its distinguished global network of investors, leaders and like-minded peers. As an invitation-only platform, the PIC creates opportunities not only to raise capital and pursue strategic partnerships, but also to make enduring and vital connections.

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PIC 2020 highlights


Notpla showcased their sustainable packaging alternative to single-use plastic. Inspired by nature, the founders of Notpla turned to seaweed to develop their groundbreaking Ooho edible membrane. The company delivered non-plastic water capsules to runners in the 2019 London Marathon and scored high satisfaction levels in trials with major players in the food industry. If Notpla achieves their goal of a broader portfolio and international reach, their impact on the environment, in particular the Blue Economy, could be considerable.

Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, Founder of NOTPLA, explains how he thinks they can change the game of consumer package goods that benefit the environment in the long-term. Rodrigo explains how seaweed is one of the renewable materials on the planet.



CropX presented their high-tech DIY (do-it-yourself) approach to farm management. Through a combination of proprietary hardware, extensive data measurement and AI-based analysis, CropX brings the benefits of big data to agriculture. The aim is to revolutionize and automate agricultural decision-making, with applications across the value chain. As the world grapples with a growing population and climate change, the prospects for continued growth of the CropX platform appear promising.

Tomer Tzach, CEO of CropX, thinks that they can change the game in the way farmers manage their farms. He explains the unique nature of their solution in serving data to farmers to modify habits to increase yields in the agriculture industry.



Digital therapeutics company Theranica described the success of their flagship product, Nerivio. This wearable prescription device, controlled by the patient’s smartphone, offers acute treatment of migraines without medicine. The innovation is also notable for its creative and empowering approach to chronic pain management. Boosted by clinical studies, the company hopes to expand their offer in terms of geography, clinical conditions treated, prevention and telemedicine platforms – a vivid example of the power of healthtech.

The founder of Theranica, Alon Ironi, explains how his technology can change the entire approach to pain management.



Arculus highlighted their achievements in reimagining the industrial manufacturing process. Their unique modular production system, based on autonomous mobile robots, replaces conveyer belts to address the inefficiencies of the traditional assembly line. With roots in the automotive sector, the company has convinced high-profile customers – including Audi and Porsche – of the system’s impact on productivity and space-saving benefits. Their ambition is vast not only in terms of market coverage and expansion, but also strategy, business model and technology.

Dr Fabian Rusitschka, Founder and CEO of Arculus, thinks they can change the game of manufacturing cross industry. He explains the benefits of autonomous mobile robots in starting production anywhere.


The companies mentioned on this page are meant for illustration purposes only and are not intended as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any interest or any investment.

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