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Events and networks

If you want to grow, first connect.

New connections make growth possible — take advantage of our extensive network to help grow your business.

Grow your network

Grow your network

As a Credit Suisse client, you can tap into a world of possibilities through our global client networks. At various conferences, we offer insights into cutting-edge innovation and provide opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences with successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders. The success of our platforms lies in the combination of business opportunities and personal network growth.

Focus on innovation

We are here to help foster connections between like-minded people, and there is no better way to meet and connect with those who are changing our world than the Private Innovation Circle. Launched in 2014, the PIC is how we bring our most transaction-oriented clients and innovative entrepreneurs together. The initiative aims to showcase excellence in innovation, facilitate the exchange of ideas, and foster networks in order to drive investment and strategic partnerships. Ventures are vetted beforehand, and each setting is designed to help make the most of every meeting.

Private Innovation Circle
Pioneers of Progress

Learn from Roger Federer

What do the world's greatest sportspeople, inspirational entrepreneurs and successful business leaders have in common? Watch the first episode of “Pioneers of Progress” with our global brand ambassador Roger Federer.

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