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Financing your business

We share your entrepreneurial mindset

As an entrepreneur with growth companies, you face uncertainty every day. Fortunately, we have been working with leaders like you on projects like yours for over a century.

The tools you need today and tomorrow

Whether you want to grow your business or simply assess its value, implement a transaction strategy or mitigate risk, we offer a wide range of solutions to suit your needs. From business lending to structured and corporate financing and everything in between, our experts will ensure you have the right form of financing to get the job done. 

The financing you need to grow

With our decades of experience in business lending we help you meet your financing needs. We are one of the few international banks with institutional structuring capabilities in private banking and have a track record of more than ten years in complex lending for entrepreneurs with growth companies.

In that context we can structure and arrange debt and equity financing for growth companies.

Leverage our power with real assets lending

Real assets lending is our powerhouse for sophisticated lending solutions to entrepreneurs with growth companies. We provide customized financing solutions and advisory services for ocean-going merchant vessels and for real estate projects. In addition, we are an established competence centre for export financing of capital good to non-OECD countries. Through our Investment Banking and Asset Management divisions we have the capabilities to do equity and debt financing for growth companies.

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