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Index Solutions

Index Solutions

The Index Solutions team is since 1994 the global competence center of Credit Suisse for passively managed portfolios. A very qualified team of investment professionals is fully dedicated to indexed solutions and provides cash-based replication for equity, fixed income, commodities, real estate and balanced exposure on all major world regions (Europe, North America, Asia, Pacific and Emerging Markets).

As of 30.06.2014, the Index Solutions team manages around CHF 91.9 billion in segregated mandates and pooled solutions.

Index Solutions

Pooled solutions dedicated to institutional clients

By investing in the individual funds, benchmarks containing hundreds of securities may be efficiently replicated with relatively small investment amounts.

Our funds are managed according to a pure index approach and invest in asset classes such as equities, bonds and indirect real estate in various regions and currencies worldwide.

Tax and cost considerations are among the key factors in product design and portfolio construction.

Credit Suisse Institutional Fund (CSIF)

The Credit Suisse Institutional Fund (CSIF) is an Umbrella Fund under Swiss Law of the Type “Other Funds for Traditional Investments” for qualified investors, which adheres to Swiss federal standards on collective investments. It was launched in May 2003 and consists to date of 49 sub-funds with around CHF 42 billion assets.

The CSIF is the most tax-efficient investment vehicle for Swiss investors:

  • the CSIF subfunds are exempt from the Swiss stamp duty (0.075% for domestic securities, 0.15% for foreign securities),
  • the CSIF Pension Funds are fully exempt from the US withholding tax (USWHT). Those funds are only available for second pillar Swiss pension funds.

Credit Suisse Index Fund (Lux)

The Credit Suisse Index Fund (Lux) Umbrella is a Luxembourg SICAV; it was launched in April 2012 with the ultimate aim to leverage the expertise of the Index Solutions investment team and further expand the depth of its index offering. It consists, for the time-being, of 11 sub-funds replicating the main strategic asset classes used by institutional investors.

The Umbrella is UCITS IV compliant, therefore the most efficient vehicle for a European Institutional investor.

The Credit Suisse Index Fund (Lux) is registered in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom and has tax transparency in Germany and UK reporting status.

Direct segregated mandates

Index Solutions also manages segregated mandates with direct investments in the underlying securities.

A segregated mandate offers the advantage of a wider scope of indexes to be replicated, of a great potential in terms of customization as well as a more cost efficient solution compared to pooled vehicles in the case of high investment volumes. This solution is provided usually for volumes over CHF 100 Million.

Please be informed that the above mentioned solutions are exclusively available to qualified investors. If you require more information on our indexed offerings, please contact Index Solutions on +41 44 334 41 41 or

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