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Hedge Fund Index Strategies


The hedge fund index strategies platform provides systematic market exposure to hedge funds and hedge fund-like returns through index tracking portfolios and index linked solutions. Credit Suisse’s index portfolios deliver the performance and diversification benefits of the Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index (formerly known as the "Dow Jones Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index") through quantitative models and the Liquid Alternative Beta suite generates hedge fund-like returns by investing in liquid securities. The platform, built on the well-known Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index, provides an in-depth understanding of the hedge fund industry that has been built over more than 10 years of experience. Its innovative and cost-effective solutions provide the level of quality and consistency expected of Credit Suisse.

Dow Jones Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Indexes

The Dow Jones Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Indexes offer asset-weighted benchmarks of hedge fund performance, using rules-based selection criteria, transparent methodology, and published constituents.

Liquid Alternative Beta

Credit Suisse Liquid Alternative Beta (LAB) is a series of indices that aim to replicate the aggregate return profiles of alternative investments strategies using liquid, tradable instruments. LAB strategies utilize quantitative processes in order to provide similar risk/return characteristics to alternative indices and strategies by identifying and sizing exposure to proxy factors and/or systematically implementing trades typically used by alternative investment managers.

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