General Information

Global Fixed Income 

Investment Philosophy

We believe in multiple sources of added value:

  • Active management of interest rate, currency and credit exposure
  • Each key dimension of a Global Fixed Income portfolio is analysed separately by a group
    of specialists
  • Disciplined risk management is key to our process
  • A systematic and rigorous investment process is necessary to achieve a long term risk adjusted excess return.

Capabilities and Solutions 

We offer a broad range of global fixed income solutions across currencies and strategies:

  • Our product offering is designed to cover the various needs of our investors (active as well as rule-based)
  • Our active products are built to generate a risk-adjusted outperformance against a global government or global aggregate benchmark while limiting downside risks
  • Our rule-based approach combines the advantage of active management with low costs using broadly diversified benchmarks. This approach is based on fully transparent fundamental valuation models.
  • In addition to the fund solutions, we offer a broad range of customized global fixed income solutions in various currencies, hedged or unhedged.

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