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Emerging & Asian Markets

Investment Philosophy

Emerging Markets should be a core holding in a diversified fixed income portfolio. The asset class have developed and established itself over the past 10 years as a very valuable risk-adjusted return proposition: 

  • Full dedication on Emerging Markets Fixed Income, as a separate Asset Class, by a team of expert with a strong historical track record
  • Active management using a disciplined and systematic investment process with a focus on diversifying sources of alpha
  • A top-down approach assessing the major macro-economic risks combined with opportunities based on risk/reward and fundamental bottom-up security selection

Capabilities and Solutions

We offer Emerging Markets fixed income fund solutions. We have a strong track record in managing hard currency Emerging Markets bonds with corporate bonds representing the largest part of our hard currency assets while we mostly invest in local currencies through sovereign bonds:

  • Competitive and consistent returns over the entire economic cycle
  • Offer a broad exposure to Emerging Markets corporate bonds ensuring daily liquidity in our fund range
  • A robust risk management process, overseen by an independent Risk department, ensures quality control and adherence to investment guidelines

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