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Five Steps to Success

Optimizing your portfolio requires a systematic approach to your assets. This in turn requires in-depth expertise and advice. Yet financial expertise is not enough. To achieve your goals, that know-how has to be combined with an understanding of your values – of the things that matter most to you.

At Credit Suisse, we aim to combine an understanding of your priorities with a systematic, step-by-step advisory process. We start by spending a lot of time getting to know you and your needs. And we maintain this kind of personal attention throughout all the steps which follow.

Five Steps to Success

Step 1: Needs Analysis

The process starts with a needs analysis, focusing on your objectives. After systematically assessing your personal and financial situation with you, your Relationship Manager will put together a comprehensive overview focusing on the following four areas: investments, asset accumulation, liabilities, and asset attrition. This overview forms the analytical basis for drawing up a personal financial concept. If needed, your Relationship Manager can call on the assistance of additional Credit Suisse specialists in areas such as financial planning, tax, and inheritance advice.

Step 2: Financial Concept

The next step is to prepare a personal financial concept with you. This helps ensure that there is adequate financing for specific investment plans, and that liquidity is available for any liabilities due in the foreseeable future. The financial concept aims to do this while preserving your current standard of living.

Step 3: Client Profile

In the next step of the advisory process, we work with you to develop what we call a “client profile”. This is the product of discussions with your Relationship Manager about your personal readiness to take on risk and your financial capacity to absorb potential losses. Your client profile provides an important basis for your ultimate investment strategy.

Step 4: Strategy

The fourth step is to decide on your particular investment strategy. With your investment goals and profile in mind, your Relationship Manager will suggest various possibilities. These take into account your personal requirements, as well as other factors, such as how actively you want to be involved in the individual investment decisions. Once you have decided on a strategy, you and your Relationship Manager design a specific investment solution that is best suited for you. Your Relationship Manager can access professional systems to analyze the potential risks of different solution scenarios.

Step 5: Implementation - with the support of a trusted specialists of your choice

The last step of the process is to implement your investment solution in a portfolio held at a trusted custodian of your choice. Depending on how actively you choose to be involved, the structuring of your portfolio will either be delegated to specialists of your choice or developed by you in conjunction with your trusted custodian Relationship Manager of your choice. Regular monitoring of your investments is key. They ensure timely, appropriate responses to market developments and changes in your personal circumstances.

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