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Market Outlook 2020

Resilience in challenging times

With unforeseen and surprising events shaping global economies, it is of utmost importance for investors to build resilient portfolios in light of such uncertainty. The latest outbreak of COVID-19 has brought much of China to a standstill.  While the world struggles to make sense of the virus and cities try to stem the influx at each of our border checkpoints, what should we do in these trying times? 

Hear from John Woods, our Chief Investment Officer, Asia Pacific, on his observations and analyses of the economic outlook going forward. 

  • Coronavirus effect – What now and then?
  • Macro impact – Severity and outlook
  • Building bulwarks against shocks in a challenging period

Watch now: John Woods shares his latest insights on the economic outlook.

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John Woods

Chief Investment Officer, Asia Pacific

John Woods is a Managing Director of Credit Suisse and Chief Investment Officer Asia Pacific, responsible for developing regional discretionary and advisory investment strategies across asset classes and within asset classes for private and institutional clients in Asia Pacific. Mr. Woods is a voting member of the Global Investment Committee of Credit Suisse and Chair of the Regional Investment Committee in Asia Pacific. 

Prior to joining Credit Suisse in September 2015, Mr. Woods was Managing Director and Head of Fixed Income Asia Pacific for Citi Investment Management. Before that, he served as the Chief Investment Strategist, Asia Pacific at Citi Private Bank and was a voting member of the Global Investment Committee.

Mr. Woods brings 25 years' investment management experience in Asia fixed income and currency markets, with special focus on portfolio management, trading and research. 

Among his previous roles, he was HSBC Global Market’s UK-based Global Head of Credit Research and Strategy; and Head of Absolute Return Proprietary Trading. 

John obtained his M.A. in Asia Pacific Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies of the University of London. 

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