Protecting the blue economy:
We’re on it.

As a bank, we are committed to both supporting the world’s oceans through finding new ways to finance the UN SDG 14 ‘Life Below Water’ and helping protect our ecosystems, through fostering sustainably managed forests and combatting deforestation in line with the UN SDG 15 ‘Life On Land’.

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We have signed up to the World Federation of Advertisers’ Planet Pledge, a commitment to using the power of marketing as a force for positive change both internally and with the consumers who buy products and services.

We offset our CO2 emissions for the "We're on it" advertising campaign as well.

The world’s oceans are precious resources, yet climate change and the misuse of marine resources are severely harming the health of our oceans. This puts ocean-related businesses at risk as well as the billions of people whose livelihoods depend on them. Supporting marine ecosystems can offer attractive investment opportunities while helping to protect these endangered assets.



Our support for ocean innovation

Thanks to mission-driven entrepreneurs and their innovative companies, and also more established companies evolving, lots of new products and services are being developed to help address the challenges of the world’s natural environments. Together with companies and partners, we create ocean impact by engaging with companies aiming to improve and unlock game changing opportunities that can form part of a sustainable investment portfolio.

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Globally, the market value of marine and coastal resources and industries, is estimated at USD 3 trillion per year or about 5% of global GDP.


Why protecting and investing in ocean makes sense

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Our approach to sustainability.

Oceans present a significant investment opportunity

Thanks to innovative companies, lots of new products and services will help address the challenges of the world’s oceans. By capturing these opportunities in a portfolio, investors can contribute to building more sustainable marine ecosystems while pursuing financial returns.

Can a bank fight water scarcity? We’re on it.

We proudly joined the 2030 Water Resource Group, bringing public, private and civil society actors together to push for a world where everyone has access to water. Our support for efficient water use initiatives contributes to a world with enough safe water for growth, people, and the environment.

How investors can make a difference to natural environments

Investors play a key role in making capital available to finance the UN Sustainable Development Goals and push for change through focusing on impact. Our latest research looks into the different ways that investors can engage to make a difference to sustainable ecosystems.

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Learn more about impact investing

Impact investing strategies are when an investor seeks to generate a financial return alongside fulfilling a measurable social or environmental goals. Learn more about what impact investing is and how it works.

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