Diversity & Inclusion: We’re on it.

We know that a business that nurtures diversity of people and perspective delivers higher performance. That’s why we are taking bold action to increase representation and build an organization where all people feel included.

Did you know?


We have signed up to the World Federation of Advertisers’ Planet Pledge, a commitment to using the power of marketing as a force for positive change both internally and with the consumers who buy products and services.

We offset our CO2 emissions for the "We're on it" advertising campaign as well.

Inclusion is at the heart of a sustainable business

“We want to make sure that everyone feels a sense of belonging in the workplace. Prioritizing inclusion contributes to our success by helping our colleagues focus their talents on business challenges, not on overcoming disadvantage.”


Della W. Sabessar, Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Our business case for advancing inclusion

Our commitment to gender equality

As part our continuing commitment to gender equality, we are proud to be included in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for 2022 and in the UK Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2021.


We have made women’s representation and advancement at work a global focus and set a target to increase overall women’s representation to 42% by 2024.


Our research on diversity

Our unique research and economic analysis builds the case for why doing the right thing also serves the bottom line, so we can progress together.

A Conversation with Meredith Whitney

During the session in 5th Global Women’s Financial Forum, Meredith Whitney, who was listed among the “50 Most Powerful Women in business”, talks about women in male dominated business, fertility issue and its impact on the career choices women make.

CSRI Gender 3000 Report

Our research into gender diversity shows that increasing women’s representation is good for business.

The LGBT 350

Our LGBT 350 analysis investigates the performance of companies with strong diversity and inclusion practices. We found that a basket of 350 LGBT friendly companies outperform in the stock market.

Did you know?


We are proud to have been recognized for our LGBTQ+ friendly workplace, culture, policies, and benefits.

How we build a sustainable talent pipeline

We are on a mission to build a sustainable talent pipeline and to make healthy communities a core part of our business strategy. To help us do this, we have elevated our global D&I function to report to two Executive Board members. This reflects a mandate that is tied not only to Human Resources but also embedded in our new Sustainability, Research & Investment Solutions function.

A high-performing organization relies on diverse perspectives and inclusive culture

We have committed to investing in talent programs and partnerships that improve access and widen opportunity, so we can build a sustainable workforce that mirrors the society we serve.

Our key initiatives to accelerate progress

Equity & Representation

Whether it’s the goals we’ve set to increase representation of Black talent or women, or the efforts we are making to increase the diversity on management and leadership teams, we want to see visible progress at all levels, that’s more reflective of the environments in which we operate.


We are building the inclusive leadership competency of managers and increasing active allyship among all colleagues through interactive educational programs across the globe.

We amplify the voices of our diverse employees and foster a culture of open dialogue and an environment that spurs innovation and progress.

Community & Advocacy

We proactively engage with external stakeholders like our communities, clients, investors, suppliers and public policy bodies to use our platform and resources for change.

Our work is underpinned by a broader commitment to help eradicate racism in the workplace as a founding member of the World Economic Forum’s Partnering for Racial Justice in Business Initiative in 2021.

We joined “The Valuable 500”, a global movement to put disability on the business agenda, in January 2021 as part of our commitment to inclusion.