Diversity, equity and inclusion | Credit Suisse

Our commitment to sustainable talent development

We know that a business that nurtures diversity of people and perspective delivers higher performance. That’s why we are taking bold action to increase representation and build an organization where all people feel included.  

Inclusion drives high performance

We know our colleagues produce their best work when they are valued, treated fairly, and feel a sense of belonging. Inclusion is essential to harnessing everyone’s skills so we deliver as a business. Ensuring that everyone feels free to bring their whole self to work is central to optimizing performance. 

Diverse perspectives deliver for our clients

Sustainable solutions and innovation grow from diverse perspectives. By maximizing the breadth and depth of viewpoints we can rely on to develop products, services and research, we can spot risks and opportunities early and serve our clients better.

Playing our part for an equitable economy

Partnering with our communities supports sustainable economic development: By getting involved in our communities we create positive social impact and widen access so that more people can participate in an equitable economy.



Inclusion is at the heart of a sustainable business

"We want to make sure that everyone feels a sense of belonging in the workplace. Prioritizing inclusion contributes to our success by helping our colleagues focus their talents on business challenges, not on overcoming disadvantage."


Della W. Sabessar, Head of Diversity & Inclusion


Our research on diversity

Our unique research and economic analysis builds the case for why doing the right thing also serves the bottom line, so we can progress together.


The LGBT 350

Our LGBT 350 analysis investigates the performance of companies with strong diversity and inclusion practices. We found that a basket of 350 LGBT friendly companies outperform in the stock market. 


CSRI Gender 3000 Report

Our research into gender diversity shows that increasing female representation in the boardroom and in senior management correlates with superior company performance.

How we build a sustainable talent pipeline

We are on a mission to build a sustainable talent pipeline and to make healthy communities a core part of our business strategy. To help us do this, we have elevated our global D&I function to report to two Executive Board members. This reflects a mandate that is tied not only to Human Resources but also embedded in our new Sustainability, Research & Investment Solutions function.

Did you know?


In 2020, we elevated our global D&I function to report to two Executive Board members. Because we believe it’s that important.

A high-performing organization relies on diverse perspectives and inclusive culture

We have committed to investing in talent programs and partnerships that improve access and widen opportunity, so we can build a sustainable workforce that mirrors the society we serve.

Our key initiatives to accelerate progress

Equity & Representation

Whether it’s the goals we’ve set to increase representation of Black talent or women, or the efforts we are making to increase the diversity on management and leadership teams, we want to see visible progress at all levels, that’s more reflective of the environments in which we operate.


Community & Advocacy