Corporate citizenship and sustainability | Credit Suisse

Our commitment to social sustainability

We believe we have an important responsibility to support the communities where we live and work. As a bank, as a local employer and as a global company, we recognize that we must play our part to fight disadvantage and improve access so that everyone can benefit from global economic growth and development.

“We work for a more inclusive future where all people can access the resources and develop the financial, entrepreneurial and other skills they need to thrive in the economy and society.”

Laura Hemrika, Global Head Corporate Citizenship

Our mission to empower people

As a corporate citizen, we seek to engage our employees and empower people through our activities.

We accelerate change

We make change happen faster by helping our partner organizations and sectors strengthen their capacity to operate and make a sustainable impact at scale in their field of expertise.

We help employees make impact

We know that our employees are the most valuable asset we can offer to our NGO partners. By making the most of their energy, skills and professional expertise, we help our colleagues drive social and business impact. 

We build skills and satisfaction

We offer our colleagues new opportunities to do good in the world and bring their talents to new problems. This contributes to job satisfaction, enables personal growth and allows us to benefit from new perspectives from motivated and inspired employees. 

Engaging our colleagues for a sustainable world

An international skills-based volunteering program that allows employees to share expertise with our partner organizations around the world through one week to three month assignments.

What we do to make a difference

Financial Inclusion

Expand access to high-quality, affordable financial products and services.

Financial Education

Improve the financial literacy of individuals, particularly young people.

Future Skills

Equip disadvantaged young people with skills and education for a productive future.