Biodiversity and finance

Conservation doesn’t just protect nature but supports sustainable economic development as well. To preserve natural habitats, which are vital to all life on Earth, we need to put significantly more capital to work. That’s where financial institutions come in. 

What is conservation finance?

The conservation finance space focuses on creating new, long-term and diversified sources of revenue to protect the natural world. Conservation finance can play an important role in making sure that biodiversity is preserved on land and water and in protecting the health of natural ecosystems. In our role as a global bank, we can act to address biodiversity loss through our role as an intermediary between the economy, the environment and society.

Why investors should engage with biodiversity

Biodiversity. Unearthing the investor perspective.

The business case for investing in biodiversity 

Biodiversity loss is extremely serious and poses huge risks to financial markets. More than half the world's GDP is moderately or highly dependent on nature and its services, according to the World Economic Forum.

Unearthing investor action on biodiversity

Our research investigated the connection between investment and biodiversity. Read the report to learn more about the field of biodiversity finance and how investors can act to conserve nature.

Bold action for biodiversity, together

We know that stopping biodiversity loss requires new thinking. We promote conscientious management of natural capital and the conservation of biodiversity through our approach to sustainable finance. However, we can’t do it alone. Through partnerships, we work to find innovative ways to harness our financial expertise and initiate new funding mechanisms that can help direct investor capital where it is needed. 

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