Plants instead of plastic: how Footprint is building sustainable packaging at scale

Footprint develops technology and plant-based materials to help companies cut unnecessary plastic from their operations. 

The problem


Single use plastic creates pollution and is increasingly massively

Single-use plastic relies unquestionably on an unsustainable use of sources. It requires six percent of the world’s oil to produce in the first place, while the manufacturing process is responsible for significant microplastic leakage into the ocean. Finding alternatives to plastic packaging is crucial. 



The solution


New plant-based materials are an innovative and sustainable solution

Sustainable packaging pioneer Footprint is a company that creates technologies that help its customers replace single-use plastics with materials that nature can digest, such as 100% plant-based fiber.

“You're going to walk into a supermarket in the next five years and that sea of plastic is going to be replaced with a sea of Footprint technologies that nature can digest.”

Troy Swope, Founder and CEO Footprint

Pioneers of progress: Footprint

How it works


Scaling innovation with disruptive manufacturing technology and materials science

Footprint designs the materials and builds the technology to deliver the products. The company use uses innovation and a deep understanding of customer needs to create new manufacturing technologies for its customers – consumer product groups developing food lines for big-box retailers. This allows them to scale up their sustainable solutions. 



The impact


A business model built on 100% biodegradable packaging

Footprint is delivering hundreds of millions of innovative, 100% plant-​based products, which are completely biodegradable and aim to replace normal plastics. 

Footprint's co-founders: Yoke Chung, CTO and Troy Swope, CEO