Innovation that makes an impact: how agritech startup Pula protects farmers

Pula’s innovative tech-based business model for insurance is helping millions of smallholder farmers manage their risks while boosting productivity and entrepreneurial thinking.

The problem


Small-holder farmers are often at financial risk

While corn is a vital crop in sub-Saharan Africa, unpredictable weather and pests make it difficult for millions of smallholder farmers to make a stable living from growing it. Traditional agricultural insurance models, meanwhile, don’t take into account the particular risks and challenges of this type of farming. 



The solution


Bringing data and technology to de-risk farming

Pula is an agritech startup that has found an innovative way to help farmers ‘de-risk’ their farms. The company uses data and technology to develop products that are a precise and affordable match for the farmers that need them. This includes using satellite data to see how climates work rather than physical farm visits.

“People told me there is no insurance culture in Africa. We’re changing that.”

Rose Goslinga, Co-Founder and CEO Pula

Pioneers of progress: Pula

How it works


Innovative microinsurance that is purpose built for small farms 

Pula works with partners to bundle insurance with products farmers need, like seed and fertilizer. This helps drive insurance adoption among farmers who have never bought insurance before. The products are simple and easy to understand, and cover the range of risks farmers might be affected by.



The impact


Millions of farmers are protected from disaster

To date, Pula has insured 3.4 million farmers across Africa and parts of Asia. The company has achieved this by combining the possibilities of digital technology with a commitment to building networks based on trusted relationships. This makes a positive impact on the farmers, who are protected from disaster and can focus on growing their business and improving efficiency. 

Rose Goslinga & Thomas Njeru, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Pula