The post-COP26 Climate Change Imperative

Six Aspen Critical Climate Conversations ask: What now?

Tensions in the crusade to protect the planet's natural habitats remain, and the possible routes out of the climate crisis are up against the unavoidable barrier of time, or rather the lack of it. Companies face criticism for their lack of proper planning, unrealistic goal-setting and "greenwashing," and all the while, policy makers and legislators are stretching out a tightrope for balanced business investment in new energy projects. More than ever, the way ahead relies on understanding different perspectives. So where do we go from here, and what are the big ideas? 

Better solutions from better discussions

The Aspen Institute UK and Credit Suisse's "Critical Climate Conversations" podcast series distils the key elements of the climate crisis and addresses the pertinent questions. Listen to 24 speakers and six moderators focus on the issues facing governments, businesses and us as individuals.

Carbon offsetting: Should it have a role, or are we kidding ourselves?

Is it realistic for the world to wait for technology to be ready? Who should find alternative solutions, and how do we ensure investment in new energy projects?

Can we win against climate change? An interview with Lord Adair Turner.

What are the possible routes to fully decarbonize six harder-to-abate industries, can we do this? What avenues do the G20 group have, and what impact does a transition in the harder-to-abate sectors have on consumers?

Exploding the nuclear myth: the role of nuclear in the energy transition.

Nuclear energy is one of the most controversial forms of alternative energy, yet advancements in safety measures, regulation and technology have made nuclear energy safer than ever. What is the role for nuclear in the larger ecosystem of low-carbon emitting sources of energy?

Feeding the future: can cell-based steak help keep meat on the menu?

Our current food and agriculture system exceeds planetary boundaries but is the answer as simple as stopping eating meat? Mass production of plant-based products strains the Earth, too. Is cell-cultured meat the show-stopping potential alternative? 

Positive actions: the way ahead.

Every member of society can play their part in combating the climate crisis, but we can't do it without corporate and societal leaders mobilizing the system, leading industry transformation and reinventing norms. How do we align our behaviors with our environmental values to have the greatest impact in the fight to combat climate change?

The Critical Climate Conversations seek to illuminate the most pressing challenges, find innovative solutions and forge new connections and networks. What is your role in abating the climate crisis?