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Forum Genève

Forum Genève

Imagine a place that is conducive to fruitful discussions, fosters professional exchange, and is perfectly suited to international meetings. Envision a meeting area amenable to forging and cultivating relationships while offering impeccable services. 

Forum Geneve

Created in 1992, Forum Genève offers Credit Suisse a world-class conference center that has been continually enhanced over the years. It was designed around the very idea of comfort, flexibility, and state-of-the-art technology. Forum Genève provides the ideal environment in the heart of Geneva to host meetings, seminars, conferences, and exhibitions in varied surroundings. 

Are you interested in attending events organized at Forum Genève?

Although most of the events scheduled in our conference center are accessible by invitation only, some of them are open to specific targeted audiences, according to terms to be arranged directly with the organizer: 


AZEK courses for the CIIA diploma
AZEK courses for the CIWM diploma
AZEK courses for the FMO diploma
AZEK Campus Seminars
Ms. Sylvie Jeck
Tel. +41 44 872 35 35
October – April
Conferences on art history,
by Mathilde Hager, Ecole du Louvre
Histoire & Voyages
Tel. +41 21 351 27 25


Plan de situation


Forum Genève
Credit Suisse
11-19, Rue de Lausanne
CH-1201 Genève


  • 150 meters from Cornavin train station
  • 8 min. by train from the airport
  • public parking "Les Arcades" in the building
  • taxi and public transport station within 150 meters (Cornavin station)
  • delivery facility via a loading dock in the building

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