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Important Legal Information

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Instructions for Consent Forms and Disclaimers for Event Attendees

Clients and prospective client attendees whose Credit Suisse relationship is based in Switzerland are required to fill out a Consent Form which must be registered by their Relationship Manager and filed with other client documentation.

All other clients and prospective clients must read and agree to an Event Disclaimer in order to be registered to attend a Credit Suisse event.

Consent Form

Consent Form for Credit Suisse relationship based in Switzerland

The consent form below must be printed out and signed by the attendee and registered by the Relationship Manager.


Disclaimer for Credit Suisse relationship based in all locations excluding Switzerland

The text below is for the Americas, Asia/Pacific, and EMEA excluding the countries specifically noted. If your Credit Suisse relationship is in one of these countries, please click on the appropriate hyperlink.

Credit Suisse relationship based in all countries excluding Germany and Spain:

By registering for the event, you consent that, for the purpose of arranging and holding the event, and for any further communication with you in connection with the event, your name and registration data may be shared with employees of Credit Suisse AG in Switzerland and of Credit Suisse (USA), Inc. in the United States, as well as with third-party service providers in Switzerland and/or in the United States engaged by Credit Suisse (USA), Inc.. You also agree that photographs taken or recordings made during the event may be shared with other attendees and used internally at Credit Suisse Group companies. Please note that third parties may interpret participation at this event as an indication of an existing or potential banking relationship with a Credit Suisse Group company. If you register by e-mail, you should be aware that your data will be transported over the internet as an open network and could therefore be intercepted and used by others without your consent.

Credit Suisse relationship based in Germany:

Credit Suisse relationship based in Spain: