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Latest Update: August 2020

Credit Suisse Group AG and all its affiliates ("Credit Suisse", "we" or "us") understand that you entrust us with personal information, and we take seriously our data privacy obligations. We strive to make you feel comfortable with the measures we take to protect and safeguard your personal information. This Cookies and Tracking Policy ("Policy") describes in detail how we handle information that we collect through our various digital channels such as our website and mobile applications. For example for a website by clicking "I agree" to the popup describing our website tracking tools, or by clicking "accept" on the mobile applications when you first access either our website or our mobile applications you agree to our use of your information as described in this Policy and in accordance with the particular privacy settings you selected.

This Policy may be updated at any time. Please ensure that you regularly read the latest version of this page.

Table of contents

Information we collect

We may collect information about you when you use our websites as well as our mobile applications, or when you apply for or use other services offered by Credit Suisse in the following ways:

  • We collect certain information about you (i.e. browsing history, usage of mobile application and website) through our use of cookies, pixels, plugins, software development kits (SDKs) and other tracking technologies when you use our website and/or our mobile applications. For example, we identify and store the region where you are located based on your partially-masked IP address (which is anonymized immediately thereafter) in order to direct you to the appropriate country specific webpage. The collection of information on our websites and mobile applications are described in more detail below.
  • We may also collect personal information about you as a result of us recording communications, such as telephone calls or chat conversations, with you. We may store those recordings, in order to satisfy our legal and regulatory obligations, for quality assurance, or for the other purposes described in this Policy.
  • If you use the password-protected or country-specific portions of our website, we may ask you to provide us with certain information about yourself. This information may include your name, company name, title, address, country of residence, e-mail address, telephone number, account number, assets, income and/or financial situation. We use such information about you to verify your identity and eligibility to receive certain products or services, to provide information to you about products and services that we believe may be of interest to you, to record your interest in products and services that we offer, and to respond to your requests for information. We may also use cookies or other tracking technologies on portions of our websites or mobile applications to collect website and mobile application usage information and to optimize your user experience on our website and mobile application (e.g. remembering your country of residence). We may also collect personal information you provide to us in applications, forms, questionnaires or agreements you enter into with us or in the course of your establishing or maintaining a customer relationship with us, including information about your credit history or financial situation and your transactions with us or our service providers.
  • Under certain circumstances, third parties may collect anonymized information about your use of our and other websites or mobile applications and make this data (in anonymized form) available to us, to help us understand (i) from which geographical regions users have viewed our website or used our mobile application, (ii) user behavior with respect to Credit Suisse ads that are posted on other websites and (iii) the names of other websites on which you were shown Credit Suisse ads.

Who can access the information we collect

To the extent permitted by law, Credit Suisse may disclose your information to its affiliates, and their agents and third-party service providers, inside or outside your country of residence, to perform services for Credit Suisse. All Credit Suisse service providers that have access to personal data collected through our websites or our mobile applications are required to treat the information confidentially, use personal data only for the purpose for which it is provided, and respect all applicable data protection laws, Credit Suisse policies, and data protection contractual terms.

Credit Suisse may also disclose your information to governmental agencies or entities, regulatory authorities or other persons in line with:

  • Applicable law, regulations, court order or official request;
  • Any requests from or guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities; or
  • Similar purposes as are (i) either required or permitted by applicable law and (ii) permitted by Credit Suisse policies.

Security of data transfers

Please note that if you transfer your information to us through an open network, (such as the internet or an email service), such open network may not be a secure environment, and there is a possibility that your information may be (i) lost, (ii) transferred to another country and/or (iii) viewed and/or used by unauthorized third parties. If you decide to provide information to us through an open network, Credit Suisse cannot ensure the security and confidentiality of your information. Therefore, we ask that you consider using alternative methods of communication when sending us your sensitive personal or confidential information.

Protection, processing and use of personal data

We use your personal information to enhance the quality of our products and services as well as to maintain contact details for those with whom we interact. We restrict access to personal information about you to the employees, agents or other parties who need to know that information to provide products or services to you. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to guard your personal information, including firewalls, individual password, encryption, and authentication technology. Other than as set forth in this Policy, we do not use or disclose your personal information to third parties, except with your consent or if disclosure is permitted by both law and as contemplated in the privacy notice(s) that we provide to you. In cases where we believe that additional products and services may be of interest to you, we may share your personal information with affiliates of Credit Suisse to the extent permitted by both applicable law and internal Credit Suisse policies. 

We will retain your personal information in accordance with applicable data protection laws for so long as it is needed. Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the Credit Suisse Privacy Notice accessible through the official Credit Suisse website (e.g. for Switzerland please visit If you are a resident of California U.S., please see our Annual Notice for California Resident Web-Users (found here:, or any other privacy notices that may have been separately provided to you, for additional information about personal information that we collect and your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 ("CCPA").

How does Credit Suisse treat electronic messages

All electronic messages sent to and from Credit Suisse are automatically retained in a distinct log system, which preserves the evidential validity of the e-mails. 

Electronic messages are protected by reasonable technical and organisational measures and may only be accessed in justified cases in line with applicable laws, regulations and internal Credit Suisse polices to specific persons in defined functions (e.g. Legal, Compliance, and Risk). 

If a visitor uses one of the contact e-mail addresses or the forms published by Credit Suisse on our websites or in our mobile applications in order to contact Credit Suisse, he/she expressly authorizes Credit Suisse to respond by the same means either to the sender address or to another indicated address. E-mail is not a suitable means for sending confidential information. Please note that banking secrecy cannot be guaranteed when using any means of electronic communication. Information provided via forms may be merged with analytics data - subject that the visitor has provided explicit consent to tracking - to deliver more tailored information while processing an inquiry.

Credit Suisse websites and mobile applications functionality and tracking tools

On our websites and mobile applications, we employ cookies, plugins, pixels (on certain webpages), software development kits (SDKs) and other technologies to improve the functionality, improve your online and mobile user experience, and to help us with our online advertising campaigns. On certain portions of our websites and mobile applications we use products and services provided by third-party service providers who, as part of the product or service being provided, utilize tracking technologies (including cookies, pixels, plugins, software development kits (SDKs) and other technologies), which may track, use and/or share your personal information.

Information on our use of tracking technologies (e.g. cookies, plugins, pixels) is further described in the sections below. With the exception of tracking by "Necessary Cookies" (as defined in the table below), we will not track you using cookies, pixels or plugins or other technology unless you affirmatively consent to such tracking via either the consent manager you receive when first accessing our websites or the consent manager screen when you first launch our mobile applications. The privacy settings can be amended at any time either via the link in the footer on the website by clicking on "configure cookies" or in your personal settings within the mobile applications.

For users using our U.S. country-specific pages, please see "Use of Tracking Technologies for U.S. Users" below for additional information specific to you.


Cookies are small files, which are stored on your device to ensure the functioning of websites and mobile applications. These files document your visit to a website or a mobile application, and allow developers to track and implement your preferences and settings. Cookies can also help websites or mobile applications developers gather statistics about how often certain areas of the website or mobile application are visited and tailor the website or mobile application to be more useful and user-friendly. For more information about cookies, including how to control or delete them, please feel free to visit the U.K. Information Commissioner's Office website ( or

We use cookies both created and implemented by Credit Suisse and third-party cookies created by vendors who provide services to us. The cookies that we use on our websites or mobile applications, and the purposes for which they are used, are listed in the table below.


A plugin is a piece of software that adds a specific functionality or type of content to a website or a mobile application. For example, our website uses social media plugins, which, when clicked, connect to Credit Suisse's profile pages on various social media platforms. Other types of plugins – although not necessarily used on our website – could include code to allow for a video to be displayed and viewable on a particular webpage or code to display the social media feed from a particular social media user's profile directly onto a webpage

Our website uses the social media plugins listed in the table below to provide you with the opportunity to access our profile pages on third-party social media platforms. By clicking on a social media plugin, you acknowledge that you will leave our website and access a third-party social media platform, and you understand that your personal information may be collected, used and/or shared in accordance with such third-party social media platform's privacy policy. For more information about the social media provider plugins used on our website and such third-party social media provider's privacy practices, please click on the applicable "privacy" link in the table below.


A tracking pixel is a piece of code utilized by website or mobile application developers to collect additional information about website or mobile application use. A pixel is an extremely small icon (about the size of a pixel) that is displayed on certain pages of our websites or mobile applications, and which captures certain information each time the particular webpage or mobile screen where the pixel is incorporated is accessed. Different webpages or mobile screens within our website or mobile application may incorporate different tracking pixels, so developers are able to track your movement around our website or mobile applications. You may not always be aware when a tracking pixel is being utilized on a webpage or mobile screen you are accessing. Tracking pixels are used on our websites or mobile applications for web analytics and advertising purposes.

The pixels that we use, and the purposes for which they are used, are listed in the table below.

Use of tracking technologies for U.S. users

Please note that this Policy is a global policy reflecting Credit Suisse websites and mobile applications activities across all Credit Suisse country and global websites and mobile applications and some third-party tracking technologies described in this Policy are not used on the U.S. Country Specific Pages.

Tracking pixels are not used on portions of our websites or mobile applications intended primarily for U.S.-based users. This includes the U.S. homepage and other U.S.-specific webpages, but it does not include certain global portions of our website (such as the "Careers" page).

Table 1 – Credit Suisse tracking technologies

This table lists each tracking technology we use on our websites and/or mobile applications and the vendor and purpose of each.

Credit Suisse tracking technologies

Type Purpose Products and Vendors
Necessary These tracking technologies ("Necessary Cookies") are necessary to make our website and/or mobile application work and to enable the basic features of this site (such as onsite search capabilities, location-finder tools, virtual and/or voice assistance, and accessing secure areas of our website and/or mobile application). Since they are necessary for our website and/or mobile application to function, by using our website and/or mobile application, you agree to their use for the above purpose. Product
Vendor Link to Vendor's Privacy Notice
Google AMP (accelerate mobile pages) Google Inc.


Attivio (on site search capabilities) Attivio Inc. Privacy
Google Maps (branch locator)

Google Inc.

Inbenta Chatbot (virtual assistant) Inbenta Holdings Inc. Privacy
YouTube Google, Inc. Privacy
Statistics These tracking technologies are used to track the number and type of visits to our websites and mobile applications and its pages / screens as well as usage patterns, in order for us to ensure that all parts of our website and mobile applications are working properly. These technologies are used to provide anonymous, aggregated data on how web- and mobile-users interact with our websites or mobile applications. Product
Vendor Link to Vendor's Privacy Notice
Adobe Analytics Adobe Systems Inc. Privacy
Adobe SDK Adobe Systems Inc Privacy
Google Analytics Google Inc. Privacy
Decibel Decibel Insight Ltd. Privacy
Qualtrics XM (website functioning) Qualtrics LLC.


Personalisation These tracking technologies are used to enhance your user experience on our websites and mobile applications (i.e. screen layouts, preferred language and country location and to offer you personalized content that matches your interests) Product
Vendor Link to Vendor's Privacy Notice
Adobe Target Adobe Systems Inc. Privacy
Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe Systems Inc.


Advertising These tracking technologies are used to (i) provide you with more relevant and useful advertising and to limit how many times you see an ad, (ii) help us improve the effectiveness of our advertising efforts and/or (iii) display Credit Suisse advertisements when you visit third-party websites with whom we have marketing relationships. They can be shared with vendors or advertisers. Tool Provider Link to Vendor's Privacy Notice
App Nexus Xaxis LLC Privacy
Bing Ads Conversion

Microsoft Corp.

DoubleClick Google Inc. Privacy
Google Ads Conversion Google Inc. Privacy
Turbine Xaxis LLC. Privacy
Facebook Facebook Inc Privacy

Microsoft Corp.

Snapchat Snap Inc. Privacy
Twitter Twitter Inc. Privacy

Mechanisms to control the use of tracking technologies

Consent Manager on our website and mobile applications

You can decline consent for us to use third-party cookies, pixels, social media plugins and other tracking technologies when your device first accesses our website and/or mobile application by adjusting your privacy settings on the consent manager screen. The consent manager will display when:

Website (i) your device accesses our website for the first time, (ii) your device accesses our website for the first time after deleting cookies in your browser, or (iii) you click the "Privacy Preferences" link at the bottom of each page of our website. Please note that if you are using a shared device, consent preferences may already have been set. You cannot decline consent for the use of Necessary Cookies (as defined in the table above) that are used to ensure the functionality and/or maintenance of our website.

Mobile Applications (i) when you first install and launch one of our mobile applications, (ii) you delete, reinstall and launch one of our mobile application, (iii) you first install and launch our mobile applications on a new or additional device, or (iiii) open the "Privacy Preferences" in your personal settings within the mobile applications.

Do Not Track settings

Through certain web browser settings, you may have the option to utilize Do Not Track technology to control the tracking of your online activities across websites and/or mobile applications. Please note, however, that Credit Suisse may not always be able to recognize Do Not Track signals from your browser. The use of Do Not Track technology may prevent the consent manager from properly displaying.


Newsletters are sent only to users who specifically ask to receive them. By subscribing to a newsletter, the user agrees only that their email address may be used by Credit Suisse to send out newsletters.

With each newsletter, we offer the option of correcting, updating or removing the information that recipients have provided.

Users can unsubscribe from our newsletters at any time, using a link provided in every email.

We do track openings and clicks on our newsletters in order to improve our offering and to increase the relevance to your interests.

For Swiss domiciled individuals, our marketing emails (newsletters, invitations, email surveys, etc.) are managed and dispatched using email marketing solutions hosted on the Credit Suisse servers in Switzerland and all personal data collected along with the newsletter subscription is stored on the Credit Suisse’ servers in Switzerland and is not shared with third parties.


Our websites and mobile applications may contain hyperlinks to other websites that are not operated or monitored by Credit Suisse. These other websites are not subject to this Policy and we are not responsible for their content or for their treatment of personal data. Your use of these links will be at your own risk.

Thank you for using our website and/or mobile application!