Private Banking Solutions


With you every step of the way

Our comprehensive structured advisory process ensures your Relationship Manager has a full understanding of your needs, expectations, goals and constraints right from the start. Your Relationship Manager will help you to develop an investment solution tailored to your needs, both now and in the future by regularly monitoring your portfolio.

Our Advisory Process

Our comprehensive structured advisory approach focuses on you and your individual needs.

  • We Understand You: Your Relationship Manager listens to you and takes the time to understand your needs and objectives.
  • We propose comprehensive solutions: Your Relationship Manager provides comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs and deliver them in a transparent and efficient way.
  • We monitor and review your portfolio regularly: Market changes, new opportunities and life events can all affect financial planning. By performing regular reviews, your Relationship Manager keeps you informed, and monitors your portfolio, safeguarding your best interest.

Our holistic approach is based on a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ overall financial situation

Client Stories

Here are some stories of clients who have benefited from our innovative investment ideas and bespoke wealth services.

A Credit Suisse client for over five years, we have provided Aaron Sutanto with the following solutions – Corporate Finance, Interest Rate Swap, Prime Services, Portfolio Solutions, Financial Planning. 

Eric and his family established their manufacturing business over 30 years ago, turning it into a leading integrated logistics group under private ownership. The business has continued to grow strongly, but over the years, Eric has not paid attention to the succession of the business. Two of his five children are involved in the family business while the other three are living overseas.

In the last couple of years, Eric and his wife, Mary, have come to realize that to avoid any family disputes on the distribution of assets, they will need to take prudent measures to ensure a seamless transfer of the business and assets to their children.

Eric understands that Credit Suisse’s Solutions Partners is able to provide him with in-depth valuation of his business with its corporate finance and M&A expertise. Eric and Mary recognize the requirement for succession planning and are working with the Family Office Services of Credit Suisse to develop a family governance structure and organization that ensures a smooth transition of wealth to future generations, with family representation on financial and business decisions.

To facilitate the transfer of wealth to the next generation, Eric and Mary are working with Credit Suisse Trust to formulate an estate planning solution utilizing a trust individually tailored to meet their situation. Credit Suisse also offers Eric and his family access to top money managers who advise on multi asset class solutions, resulting in superior returns, allowing diversification and no overreliance on the family business.
Disclaimer: The client profiles illustrates various types of individuals with different needs, who can benefit from our integrated financial expertise. The names, ages and profiles are fictional but are representative of our diverse portfolio of private banking clients. Not all services or products mentioned are offered or available in all jurisdictions or in all circumstances in dealing with or through any Credit Suisse AG entity. 

Married to a prominent businessman in the timber and plantation industry, Tan Sri has always taken an active role in managing her husband’s wealth, steering him towards a host of investment solutions tailored by Credit Suisse to meet the couple’s financial goals.

Having no children of her own, Tan Sri is dedicated to children’s welfare and enjoys organizing fund-raising events. In the past, Tan Sri kept most of her assets in cash and term deposits. However, after being introduced to a Credit Suisse Relationship Manager by one of her friends, she has since diversified her investment portfolio by leveraging Credit Suisse’s Financial Planning services.

Tan Sri has recently set up a charity foundation through the Philanthropy Advisory services of Credit Suisse, gifting a substantial part of her wealth to build a legacy of providing educational opportunities for underprivileged children. Tan Sri often visits the Credit Suisse office, as she prefers to see her Relationship Manager in person. Her Relationship Manager provides her with detailed updates on the performance of her portfolio, and offers financial solutions to grow, protect and preserve her family wealth.

Starting out as an oil trader, Aaron reinvented himself as a wellness entrepreneur and spent nearly 20 years building a health and wellness empire across three continents. Aaron successfully expanded his spa business by acquiring health food and juice bar franchises with the help of Credit Suisse. During the crucial start-up stage, Aaron drew on Credit Suisse’s Corporate Finance Services, in particular Interest Rate Swap. This enabled him to hedge the interest rate risk without having to change the loan terms.ver the years, as he built up a comprehensive portfolio, Aaron turned to Credit Suisse’s Portfolio Solutions to help him with personalized investment strategies to grow, preserve and use his wealth.

Helmed by senior bankers with an extensive and proven track record, Solution Partners works closely with Aaron’s Relationship Manager to structure, implement and execute innovative solutions and services, taking into account Aaron’s business interests and private needs.

As Aaron travels on business frequently, he rarely has the opportunity to visit the bank and prefers regular information from a Credit Suisse Relationship Manager, who keeps him updated on global trends.

An avid reader, Aaron enjoys reading the informative and insightful Credit Suisse research reports as well as the concise daily market updates and information packs that are tailored to his needs.