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Connect Digitally Survey on the Credit Suisse PB APAC App (DPB)

Survey on the Credit Suisse PB APAC App (DPB)

We'd love to hear from you

We would like to find out more about your Digital Private Banking experience, appreciate if you can take some time to provide your inputs below.

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Client information


1. Please describe your investment style at CS:
2. How do you communicate with your CS team, pre-COVID-19 pandemic? Please select all channels used from the below list and indicate the frequency of use.
3. What are the most important activities you do with your CS team? Please state the top 3.
4. How satisfied are you with Credit Suisse overall?
5. How satisfied are you with DPB?
Please rank from 1 to 5 the DPB feature you use (1 being the most frequent)

DPB experience

6. What do you mainly use DPB for?
7. Login frequency / device preference
8. Have you nominated an email address for DPB communications, in addition to your mobile number?
9. Notification preference - What is/are your preferred notification channels?
10. Current DPB alerts include Market Data alerts, Trading Alerts, Security related alerts, eDocs (SG/HK only)
11. How often do you read market news?
12. What are your preferred sources of news information?
Free news sources:
Paid news sources:

DPB Security

13. To allow you the freedom to reset your password should this be forgotten, we will introduce security questions together alongside an SMS OTP (to your registered phone number) for additional security. Which of the following information (to be used as part of the security questions) would you view as most appropriate?
14. What is your thought process when setting your password?
15. Have you switched to mobile token for login authentication yet? If not, why?
16. would like to be informed of the completion of my DPB credentials update by one or more of the following channels:

Go Green Survey

17. Have you heard about the Go Green functionality within DPB?
18. What is your current DPB Go Green experience?
19. Would the following DPB Go Green features be relevant and/or useful to you? Tick one or more boxes below.
20. Is there anything else you would like to share with us about your DPB experience?
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