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Collectibles. Passion unlocked.

Collectibles are assets in their own right. Credit Suisse, in collaboration with Deloitte Luxembourg is proud to present the inaugural study of Collectibles: An integral part of wealth.

We know that non-financial wealth is an important element of stability, and frankly is an important part of how people hold their wealth.

Nannette Hechler-Fayd’herbe, Chief Investment Officer of International Wealth Management and Global Head of Economics & Research at Credit Suisse

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In this specially curated series of in-depth videos and video shorts, seasoned collectors and renowned collectibles experts share their joys, challenges and pitfalls of collecting – be it fine art, classic cars, fine wine, jewelry, watches, musical instruments and luxury bags.

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Credit Suisse – Collectibles

Join our panel of distinguished experts as they discuss the dynamics of making collectibles an alternative investment platform as well and an integral part of wealth.

Duration: 27:39

Nannette Hechler-Fayd’herbe, examines the main takeaways of collectibles and their impact on your wealth portfolio.

Duration: 02:54

Famed motor sports journalist, Simon Taylor provides invaluable insight on investing in classic cars, and why it is taking off across the world.

Duration: 01:34

Art market expert and journalist, Georgina Adam shares her views on how the pandemic has accelerated the digitization of art auctions.

Duration: 04:17

Classic cars

Find out how rare-quality cars continue to show strong increases in value even in adverse economic times.

Duration: 55:07

Does the advent of electric cars signal the end for classic car collectors?

Duration: 06:54

Find out what factors influences a collector when it comes to choosing a classic car.

Duration: 02:44

Hear from the experts on a growing trend amongst women who are investing in classic cars.

Duration: 02:45

Fine art

Delve into the intricacies of fine art collecting and hear from a private collector on his passion for fine art.

Duration: 38:15

Learn more about how to manage and maintain a fine art collection.

Duration: 01:54

Hear from a private collector on how to identify promising artists before they become the next big thing.

Duration: 02:30

A private collector shares his views on how to start an art collection.

Duration: 06:05

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