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  1. Family bonus

    Family firms are more successful on average. When times are good, they are more profitable; when times are bad, they use a more defensive strategy. The difference on the stock market is measured by “alpha”. Investors would do well to take a closer look.

  2. Swiss SMEs coping well with increasing protectionism

    Credit Suisse SME study 2019

  3. Credit Suisse now making CHF 200 million of venture capital available to Swiss SMEs

    Expansion of venture capital vehicle Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. from CHF 130 million to CHF 200 million

  4. Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. invests in Zurich-based start-up Perspective Robotics

    Investment will support further business growth and the creation of jobs in Switzerland

  5. Credit Suisse launches "Entrepreneurs' Day"

    Recognition of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation to mark the 200th birthday of Alfred Escher on February 20, 2019

  6. Solutions for Entrepreneurs and Executives CS Sector-specific solutions Lawyers Notaries

    Advice from Entrepreneurs & Executives Desks

    Because entrepreneurs' personal and business assets are so tightly intertwined, Credit Suisse offers them advice from a single source through its Entrepreneurs & Executives desks (E&E desks): Advisory teams comprised of a private client advisor and a corporate client advisor meet a wide range of client needs and help clients to optimize their portfolio structure.

  7. Cash Management Optimizing Liquidity CS Solutions for Entrepreneurs and Executives

    Checklist: Optimizing Excess Liquidity

    Are you trying to improve how you use and administer your company's excess liquidity? This checklist can help you examine possible steps and solutions for your business and its assets.