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  1. The new digital life of a drug

    The cost of successfully bringing a new drug to market has never been higher.

  2. Harnessing the climate potential of real estate

    Real estate is responsible for a large proportion of global energy consumption. It is therefore vital that we consider the issue of sustainability, since real estate offers enormous potential for reducing CO₂ emissions.

  3. Low rates and global recovery drive emerging market corporate debt

    We continue to believe that the environment for emerging market credit should remain favorable. A strong global economic recovery is ultimately positive for overall credit fundamentals.

  4. Integration of ESG criteria into China A-shares equity strategy

    Credit Suisse Asset Management has put the Credit Suisse China A-share equity strategy on an ESG footing, by integrating environmental, social, and governance criteria into investment decisions of the actively managed strategy, becoming one of the first such strategies investing in on-shore China to do so.

  5. Architecture: the synthesis of beauty and functionality

    Architecture is culture. It grants visual expression to historical periods and shapes the images of cities and nations. Those things that designers find pleasing, however, are not always in demand on the market. The interplay of architecture and marketing plays a crucial role in the successful leasing of a property.

  6. Convertible bonds – a key component in optimizing asset allocation

    Global convertible bonds demonstrated their merits in 2020, as the asset class outperformed both fixed income investments and global equity markets.

  7. The city of the future

    According to the United Nations’ estimates, 2007 was the first year in which more people around the world lived in urban areas than in rural ones.

  8. Investing in emerging market debt – a key component of every portfolio

    Emerging market (EM) corporate bonds denominated in hard currency should be included in every portfolio – and not just because of the potential for attractive returns.

  9. Future of work in the post COVID-19 pandemic world

    The main purpose of education is to equip people with the skills to earn a job thus providing a good living. The UN Sustainable Development Goal no. 4.4 focuses on this in particular.

  10. The virus is putting society to the test

    The coronavirus crisis is fundamentally different from earlier crises. Not only is it posing challenges for the economy and politics, it is putting our society’s entire value system to the test. It has paraded in front of our eyes what we are no longer able to ignore.