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  1. Sustainable investing: paths to progress

    In an open forum, we gather the thoughts of Dominik Scheck, Head of ESG at Credit Suisse Asset Management Switzerland & EMEA, on the integration of ESG factors into the investment process.

  2. Simple and easy to trade – ETFs are increasingly popular

    Credit Suisse Asset Management is adding exchange-traded funds to its range. They will supplement the existing Credit Suisse index funds and are set to play an increasingly significant role due to ongoing digitalization.

  3. ILS investing, reinsurance trends & outlook, and COVID-19 impacts 

    Niklaus Hilti, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Credit Suisse Insurance Linked Strategies, gave an interview to Artemis1 about the current state of the insurance-linked securities (ILS) investment space and reinsurance market trends.

  4. For the sake of the planet – and your portfolio

    An Environmental Impact Equity strategy is a rewarding way for investors to gain access to publicly traded companies that have urgently needed potential solutions to the many environmental challenges facing society in the decades ahead.

  5. Virus, volatility and value

    Policymakers’ very fast reaction to the coronavirus crisis prevented a wave of bankruptcies. As long as the lockdown remains temporary and monetary and fiscal support during the lockdown is sufficient to prevent a wave of insolvencies, economic activity will be able to rebound fairly quickly and robustly. However, the pandemic will mark a turning point in our lives and thinking.

  6. COVID-19 crisis: an index solution perspective

    In the latest of our series of short interviews, Valerio Schmitz-Esser, Head of Index Solutions, discusses how index solutions have fared during this period of exceptional turbulence, and identifies some noteworthy trends.

  7. COVID-19 crisis: an emerging-market corporate bond perspective

    In the latest of our series of short interviews, Claudia von Waldkirch, Senior Portfolio Manager, discusses emerging-market (EM) corporate bonds and explains why she sees particularly favorable opportunities in Latin American (LatAm) issuers.

  8. Spotlight on Asian credit markets

    The Asian USD credit market has grown substantially in recent years, with the total amount of outstanding bonds in 2019 close to USD 1tn, compared to less than USD 200bn in 2008. The number of issuers also increased fourfold to about 600 over the same period.

  9. COVID-19 crisis: a real estate perspective

    In an open forum, we gather the thoughts of Christoph Schumacher, Head of Global Real Estate, on the recent performance trends and potential opportunities in the world of real estate investment.

  10. COVID-19 crisis: an equity perspective

    In an open forum, we gather the thoughts of Filippo Rima, Head of Equities, on the unfolding fundamentals, trend shifts, and potential opportunities in the world of equity-based investment.