ESG investing Our ESG approach

Our ESG approach

We at Credit Suisse Asset Management holistically engage in sustainable investing. Our aim is to comprehensively adapt our product offerings to adhere to ESG (environmental, social and governance) norms by the end of 2020.

“Holistic” means that ESG criteria get taken into account at various points throughout the investment process. We employ ESG criteria when defining the investment universe (exclusions), consider ESG-related risks and opportunities as supplementary information in investment cases and portfolio construction (integration), and advance sustainability through dialogue with companies (proxy voting and engagement). ESG criteria get factored into specific investment decisions and incorporated into risk management. Finally, we provide detailed monthly ESG reporting to enhance portfolio transparency for our clients.

To us, “holistic” also means putting our entire range of products on a sustainable footing across all traditional investment areas. Companies whose business models we believe are unsustainable have vanished from our sustainable portfolios, just like we steer clear of companies that are rated as being overvalued on traditional fundamental analysis metrics. We seek dialogue with companies that show signs of changing in a positive way and actively support them in effectuating such change.

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