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  1. New option: "1e" pension plans

    "1e" Pension Plans in the Second Pillar Are Becoming More Attractive

    An amendment to the Federal Act on Vesting in Pension Plans may push "1e" pension plans of pension funds. The National Council and the Council of States have decided on an amendment to the law, which comes with more responsibility and additional investment opportunities for the insured.

  2. prosperity-has-increased-according-to-the-global-wealth-report

    Global Wealth Has Grown Sharply in 2017

    Credit Suisse's annual Global Wealth Report was published recently. Gains in the equity markets and rises in non-financial assets have led to an increase in global wealth of an intensity last seen in 2012. The study on global wealth provides some interesting insights. 

  3. outlook-2018-these-drivers-are shaping-the-financial markets

    These Six Drivers Will Characterize the Markets in 2018

    Which factors will shape the financial markets in 2018? The Investment Outlook from Credit Suisse identifies six key drivers which will generate solid, albeit modest, returns.

  4. Credit Suisse AG Announces the Reverse Split of its UGAZ ETNs

    Credit Suisse AG announced today that it will implement a 1-for-10 reverse split of its VelocityShares™ 3x Long Natural Gas ETN ("UGAZ"), expected to be effective as of December 20, 2017.

  5. Swiss Tourism: The Future Lies in Quality, Not Quantity

    Credit Suisse Publishes Its "Monitor Switzerland" for Q4 2017

  6. Commodities Declined on Weakening Demand Expectations

    Commodities declined in November as demand expectations for livestock and base metals weakened, according to Credit Suisse Asset Management.

  7. bull-market-7-reasons-to-invest-in-equities-now

    Why there’s yet another chapter to the bull market story

    With his famous phrase «Just one more thing...» near the supposed close of his legendary presentations, Steve Jobs would prepare the audience for an important announcement. Would he have used the same words if he were addressing the present bull market? Perhaps. Because a key chapter remains unopened. 

  8. bonds-from-emerging-markets-offer-a-better-return

    Interest Rates on Bonds from Emerging Markets Are Currently Attractive

    Emerging market local currency debt has underperformed as developed market bond yields have softened, leaving rate differentials at attractive levels given improved emerging market growth and external balance fundamentals. 

  9. Fragile Stabilization of the Swiss Office Property Market

    Credit Suisse publishes its study “Swiss Office Property Market 2018”