Private Banking Take care of your family

Take care of your family

A partnership to manage, protect and preserve your family wealth

You have worked hard to accumulate your wealth. We are here to help you manage it and plan the best way for you to pass it on – safely and with confidence. Our Russia-specific wealth planning team has many years of experience in the market and in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws and regulatory requirements. When it comes to retirement, inheritance and succession planning, our specialists will ensure that your personal, family and business affairs are organized optimally and in line with your wishes.

  • Protect your wealth
  • inheritance plan
  • Benefit from our family office solutions
  • next generation

Young Investors Program

We understand the importance of connecting with the next generation. The Young Investors Program is an exclusive six-day inheritance planning program which we run for the sons and daughters of our most valued clients. Targeted at those aged 20-30, the program explains the key investment management concepts and the range of asset classes available.

Attending the Young Investors Program

This program is for clients and by invitation only. Contact your Relationship Manager if you would like your daughter or son to attend.

Young Investors Organization (YIO)

The YIO, an independent association sponsored by Credit Suisse, is the leading next-generation network of many of the world’s most influential families. It fosters lifelong relationships among young adults who have similar backgrounds and a relationship with Credit Suisse, with the aim of exchanging ideas and exploring investment and business opportunities.
Members benefit from experiencing different cultures and learning about finance, business and personal development. They play active roles within this unique community and volunteer their time to facilitate the creation of new strategies to move the community forward.