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Turning Expertise into Tax Refunds

2012-05-10 Each year, the Food Bank (a charitable organization) offers assistance to low-income New Yorkers with their income tax returns, helping them to review and improve their financial situation. For the last five years, experts from Credit Suisse have been involved in this project as volunteers.

"Society Depends on Volunteering"

2012-06-06 As CEO of an international consultancy firm and through his work in the field of development aid, Professor Patrick Renz is familiar with both sides – the profit-oriented private sector and the humanitarian and charity-driven non-profit organizations (NPO).

Corporate Volunteering: Measuring the Impact

2012-06-06 Corporate volunteer placements for charitable organizations are gaining importance worldwide. A growing number of large corporations are showing support for employees' working with these organizations. On May 10, Credit Suisse invited experts from business, politics and nonprofit organizations to Zurich for the second conference on this topic.

Political Office as a Secondary Occupation

2012-03-23 With the implementation of flexible working hours Credit Suisse enables around 300 of its employees in Switzerland to take on political office or another secondary occupation in the service of the community alongside their job at the bank.

More Space - and More Joy in Life

2012-01-20 The Pigna Foundation offers people with mental disabilities a special mixture of living assistance, work, and a way of life. During her volunteer placement, our editor visited the foundation.

Pestalozzi Foundation Celebrates 50th Anniversary

2011-06-28 The Pestalozzi Foundation has been promoting education in Switzerland for 50 years. The Foundation has awarded over 5,600 grants to people in mountain and peripheral regions, thus giving them access to educational opportunities.

From Easy Rider to Love Rider

2011-06-08 For a large number of people, Love Ride proved an unforgettable day full of fun, excitement – and speed. Credit Suisse volunteers have played a real part in helping out with the charity event since 2008.

When Bankers Become Teachers for a Few Days

2011-04-28 Young Enterprise Switzerland (YES) builds bridges between the worlds of education and business. As part of its program, Credit Suisse employees can become teachers for a few days.

Solidarity in Orange with a Touch of White and Blue

2010-07-20 Krebsliga Schweiz - the Swiss Cancer League - celebrated its 100th anniversary with a major solidarity event on the Bundesplatz in Berne. Members of the newly formed patient coalition met here with Swiss President, Doris Leuthard.

Yvonne Kurzmeyer: "Good deeds cost money."

2009-11-17 Schweizer-Tafel collects surplus food from wholesalers and retailers, then distributes it to charities and emergency shelters. In this interview, founder Yvonne Kurzmeyer talks about the project.

Gains All Round with Corporate Volunteering

2009-09-23 Credit Suisse works with 14 partner organizations on corporate volunteering projects in Switzerland. One of these is the Stiftung Bergwald (Mountain Forest Project Foundation) in Trin. Since the start of cooperation, approximately 1,000 Credit Suisse employees have helped out with the project every year.

Schweizer Tafel: Putting Surplus Food to Good Use

2008-12-02 Every day, wholesalers and retailers have to remove produce from their shelves because it has passed its sell-by date. The Schweizer Tafel project collects and distributes this food to the needy.

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