Social Commitments in the Americas

The Americas Corporate Citizenship programs support local communities through charitable activities and with a focus on ways that leverage contributions to have the greatest possible impact.

The Credit Suisse Americas Foundation is inspired by the long-standing commitment of Credit Suisse and its employees to strengthen the communities in which we live and work. Two themes concentrate our efforts and thus characterize the organizations we support: those where our employees are personally engaged, and those that create educational opportunities for disadvantaged young people.


The Americas Education Program supports high performing schools and programs which help develop teachers and school leaders. Knowing that a person’s education determines their future economic circumstance, our education funding is made in areas where we have the greatest ability to impact student achievement - within the schools and in the teachers and principals leading these schools.


The Microfinance Capacity Building Initiative’s projects in the region include, among others,  Accion’s Training Center in Brazil, regional implementation of FINCA International’s Development Academy, as well as product development and financial education via social media with Women’s World Banking in Peru and Mexico. In addition to financial support, Credit Suisse provides employee expertise and know through its internal  Microfinance Advocates Network, the Credit Suisse Virtual Volunteers and Global Citizens Program.

Employee Engagement

Throughout the Americas, we help employees lend more of their time and talent to the causes they care about and we work with our partner organizations to devise projects with authentic needs to impact the local community.

Americas Foundation

The Credit Suisse Americas Foundation distributes grants to local communities.

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2012-10-05 Each year, the Food Bank (a charitable organization) offers assistance to low-income New Yorkers with their income tax returns, helping them to review and improve their financial situation. For the last five years, experts from Credit Suisse have been involved in this project as volunteers.

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2012-10-01 Many of Allison Balter's students are attending school and learning English for the first time. Tapping into their potential and setting consistent, high expectations is making a remarkable contribution to their academic – and personal – growth.

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2012-03-23 Relay Graduate School of Education has developed a Master's degree program providing teachers with training that will lead their students to better levels of achievement.

Employees Help Raise Funds for Charities

2012-01-24 "You choose. We match. They win." This is the motto of the Holiday Charity Initiative, an annual employee giving campaign for Credit Suisse in the Americas. Since its launch in 2004 over $10 million have been raised for various charities.

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Humanitarian Aid

The Disaster Relief Fund provides emergency aid to the victims of natural and man-made disasters around the globe. Read more