Microfinance at Credit Suisse

At Credit Suisse, we provide leadership and develop innovative solutions to link the top with the base of the income pyramid and promote financial inclusion.

About Microfinance

Microfinance refers to microloans, savings, insurance and other financial products and services targeted at low-income households. It enables individuals to make the most of their potential and is a catalyst for developing entrepreneurial activities. But the needs of the estimated 4 billion people living at the base of income pyramid are extensive and complex and go beyond access to financial services to also include clean water, proper health facilities, education, transportation, housing, and more. Innovative financing mechanisms are required at every level of the income pyramid to effectively tackle these needs, scale up financial flows and unlock new opportunities for global growth and prosperity.

Our Role in Microfinance

Credit Suisse has been at the forefront of microfinance for over a decade. It was one of the first financial institutions to recognize the potential of promoting financial inclusion for low-income households and support entrepreneurship in developing countries. From the 2003 co-founding of responsAbility Investments AG to the 2008 launch of the Microfinance Capacity Building Initiative, a philanthropic and thought leadership initiative to support the responsible development of the industry through human and institutional capacity, Credit Suisse has continuously demonstrated its commitment to microfinance. Together with our partners and clients we continue to collaborate to develop effective solutions in microfinance.

Our Engagement in Microfinance

  • A suite of investment vehicles for private and institutional investors to provide capital to microfinance institutions to reach out to many more micro-entrepreneurs to refinance their portfolios and extend their services.
  • Dedicated research coverage for microfinance sector development and beyond.
  • Structuring and provision of custody and administration services for microfinance funds.
  • Provision of expert advice and access to global capital markets to microfinance institutions.
  • Provision of grants, expertise and volunteers to microfinance institutions to enhance institutional capacity and foster innovation.

We invite you to partner with us to link the top with the base of the income pyramid.

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Credit Suisse has been active in the field of microfinance for more than a decade working with partners.