Global Employee Networks

Credit Suisse supports around 40 internal employee networks worldwide that serve as a platform for the exchange of know-ledge and experience, thus fostering mutual understanding and helping to strengthen our corporate culture.

These networks – which are run by employees on a voluntary basis – are dedicated to women, families, lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals (LGBT), people with disabilities, US veterans, the older and younger generation, and employees from various ethnic backgrounds. In 2012, the networks organized a total of 635 events.

Networks for Women

The networks for women have the job of raising awareness about the many and diverse challenges facing working women and their performance in the workplace. Their goal is to support women in realizing their professional potential and hold information events that provide an opportunity for dialogue.

Networks for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgender Individuals

"Some see barriers. We see possibilities."

These networks promote an inclusive culture in the workplace in which lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people (LGBT) have equal development and career opportunities. Members of these networks offer support with HR recruiting and organize benefit events for local organizations that provide services to the LGBT community. Network events regularly present prominent speakers such as members of the US congress, actors, and well-known experts on problems facing the LGBT community in the workplace. 

Multicultural Networks

The multicultural networks in the Americas, EMEA, and Switzerland serve as forums where employees with multicultural backgrounds and a corresponding wealth of experience can expand their cultural understanding. Employees can share about their own cultures and home countries in presentations, receptions, art exhibits, charity drives, and events featuring food or dancing. MRN members also are active in the bank's recruitment efforts and volunteer with a number of community organizations.

Networks for Families

Family networks in the US, EMEA region, and Switzerland offer support and consulting services to working parents (and soon-to-be parents), their families, and caregivers. In addition to presentations and initiatives like Bring Your Children to Work Day, the networks organize events on family-related topics - from childrearing to caring for the elderly. 

Disability Interest Forums

The Disability Interest Forums (DIF) support employees with disabilities in reaching their full professional potential. This also includes family, friends, and caregivers. The forums facilitate information sharing on this topic and work to sensitize professional and personal environments on the subject.

Junior Professionals / Next Generation Network

The Junior Professionals Forums in Singapore and Tokyo as well as the Next Generation Network in Switzerland offer young professionals from all areas at the bank an opportunity to get to know each other and learn from managers. They organize podium discussions on the topic of internal mobility and host events that target trainees and recent graduates. They also encourage young people to participate in charitable projects supported by Credit Suisse. The Next Generation Network also holds an annual meeting that has always been attended by a member of the Executive Board or the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Having a dedicated internet platform enables apprentices and recently career starters as well to keep in contact with each other and network better. 

Work/Life Integration Forums

The Work/Life Integration Forums in Hong Kong and Singapore offer employees the opportunity to share experience about better ways to balance their professional and personal lives. Events also raise awareness about health and well-being to promote productivity in the workplace.

Network 50+

Network 50+ creates awareness for the potential and the concerns of experienced employees at an advanced stage in their professional careers.

Americas Veterans' Network

The Veterans' Network in the US aims to further personal and leadership skills learned in the military through mentoring within Credit Suisse to promote specific values like teamwork and equal opportunity. The network also supports veterans' issues.

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