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Research is at the heart of Credit Suisse's client offering, and our commitment to exceptional thought leadership and truly global coverage has never wavered. Our market-leading teams include strategists, economists, fixed income product analysts and equity sector analysts. Our macro teams offer insightful top-down forecasting and analysis, while our product and sector teams provide proprietary insights across asset classes. These groups work in tandem to provide clients with unique investment intelligence and seamless access to our global views.

Equity Research 

Credit Suisse's Equity Research team provides in-depth reporting on over 3,000 companies globally, offering both breadth and depth of stock coverage.

Our highly ranked Equity Research strategists give clients unique views on market trends, sector weightings and regional preferences, as well as customized quantitative, accounting and tax perspectives.

Fixed Income Research

The experience, knowledge, and commitment to serving the interests of our clients make Credit Suisse's Fixed Income Research department one of the most innovative and insightful in the industry.

Our strategists leverage years of experience and industry relationships to provide a deep and technical understanding of fixed income markets across Credit, Emerging Markets, Global Macro Products and Securitized Products. 

Global Indices and Alpha Strategies

Credit Suisse provides a comprehensive family of cross-asset tradable indices that give our clients access to algorithmic and customized strategies as well as a set of benchmark indices that allow investors to perform relative value analysis and track market performance.

We cover a range of asset classes, including regional and global Equity, Fixed Income, Commodities, Hybrids and FX. Combined with the power and flexibility of our web-based analytical tools, we can help our clients more effectively scrutinize the markets.

Investment Solutions

Credit Suisse's Investment Solutions Group provides clients with tools and consultative services to enhance their investment processes. A co-ordinated approach to our proprietary, market-leading data and analytics products allows us to add value and provide scale in many areas, including fundamental and quantitative analysis, portfolio reviews, as well as pre- and post-trade analytics.

Macro Research

Credit Suisse's Street-leading macro research team offers high-level insights and thematic trends across world markets as well as timely commentary about political events in an ever-changing world. 

Our macro analysts are recognized for their detailed and thoughtful analysis of economic indicators, the accuracy of their forecasts, as well as their insights into the implications of government policies.

Credit Suisse Research Institute

The Credit Suisse Research Institute identifies and provides insights on global themes and trends. The objective of the Research Institute is to provide our clients with leading-edge advice by leveraging internal and external expertise, thus reinforcing our integrated global bank approach.

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is the study of past price and volume action in order to forecast the future direction of a given market. It is applicable to any liquid asset class over a variety of time frames – tick through to multi-year.

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