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Equity Capital Markets

The Equity Capital Markets Group (ECM) oversees the Bank's activities in the primary equity and equity-linked markets, as well as monetizations and equity derivatives. It provides support in the origination of primary market transactions and manages their structuring, syndication, marketing and distribution.

ECM also provides clients with assistance in managing their communication with the market, both immediately after a transaction and subsequently. The group's scope of activities is designed to help our clients succeed in ever-changing financing environments, stretching from the very largest privatizations, initial public offerings and secondary placements through to smaller public transactions and private placements; it is also active in equity-related transactions.

The group comprises professionals based in New York, San Francisco, London, Zurich, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney, all of whom are focused on delivering superior execution to our clients.


In the Americas, we are consistently one of the most active firms in new issues.

Equity new issuance represents a diverse group of industries, with recent transactions in the consumer and retail, healthcare, technology, energy and utilities, industrial, telecom, media, financial services, insurance, business services, real estate, defense and transportation sectors.


Credit Suisse is a leading underwriter of equity offerings in Europe, additionally we act as corporate broker in the UK, providing a large number of clients with continuous advisory support in equity matters.

As a UK corporate broker, we have an ongoing mandate from our clients to provide market-related financial and investor-relations advice and transactional expertise in equity fundraising, M&A and general equity market operations. We are broker to a number of FTSE 100 clients and more than 60 companies across a broad range of industry sectors. 


Our dedicated team of professionals is responsible for the origination and execution of primary equity business in key markets in the region.

Credit Suisse is a leading underwriter of equity and equity-linked offerings in Asia, having completed offerings across the energy, power, technology, telecom, and financial institutions sectors throughout the region. We have established a reputation for lead managing landmark transactions.

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