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Institutional Equity Group

Our Canadian Equities business area, engages in a broad range of activities for clients. Activities include sales, trading, financing, prime brokerage services and market-making in Canadian securities. Our execution capabilities include traditional block trading as well as advanced algorithmic program strategies. As part of a global organization, we can provide Canadian clients expertise in global equity and equity-related securities, options, futures, risk management and hedging products. Our diverse Equities team is made up of research analysts, salespeople, sales-traders and traders, all of whom work closely together and along with other areas of the Bank to bring complex financial transactions to the market.

Credit Suisse is a member of both the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Montreal Exchange. In Canada, we provide our institutional, corporate and government clients a broad range of services:

Equity Research

Our Canadian Equity Research group differentiates itself by offering in-depth analytical frameworks, proprietary methodologies, and unique data sources that leverage the Firm's global platform and help clients meet their investment goals. Globally, our equity research teams apply their expertise and creativity to analyze nearly 2,500 companies worldwide enabling us to offer our Canadian clients a variety of services beyond traditional research. Macro-economic and strategy teams further enhance this comprehensive company research with thematic insights in an ever-shifting terrain.

Equity Sales

Our Equity Sales department utilizes knowledge of the Bank's Research, offerings, and other products and services to meet the investment style and needs of each client. Clients range from mutual funds, investment advisors, banks, pension funds, hedge funds and, insurance companies to other global financial institutions.


Credit Suisse HOLT offers one of the most advanced corporate performance, valuation, and strategic analysis frameworks for the benefit of Credit Suisse and its clients. Corporate performance is calculated in terms of Cash Flow Return on Investment (CFROI ®), which provides a unique perspective on valuation issues that result from strategic decisions of corporate management. Simply stated, we take accounting information, convert it to cash, and then value that cash. The HOLT methodology helps identify valuation insights about a company quickly and easily, saving time and effort. We are committed to continuously improving the measurement and valuation of corporate performance globally and to enhance institutional investor performance by integrating the unique HOLT methodology into clients' investment process.

Sales Trading

Our Sales Trading group is the link between the Sales team and the position Trading areas. They build relationships with our clients' dealing specialists and are responsible for managing the order flows between our clients and the marketplace. They also provide clients with research, trading ideas and capital commitment and act as their 'eyes and ears' by identifying trends in the marketplace and providing market color to obtain the best and most effective execution for their orders.


Our trading team executes client orders and makes markets in listed and NASDAQ securities, exchange traded funds ( ETF s), and programs. We provide liquidity to the market through both capital commitment and risk management.

AES & Electronic Trading

Our award-winning Advanced Execution Services (AES ™) helps over one thousand institutions and hedge funds reduce market impact, improve performance versus benchmarks and adds consistency to their trading process. It is Credit Suisse's sophisticated suite of algorithmic trading strategies, tools and analytics for global equity trading which are fully integrated with Prime Banking and Swap products. Clients are provided with a full analysis of execution quality against a range of benchmarks usingExPRT, our proprietary execution performance measurement tool.

AES is available on more than 23 exchanges worldwide via more than 35 leading trading platforms. Credit Suisse was the first provider of algorithmic trading services and remains the undisputed leader in this field.

Equity Derivatives

Equity Derivatives provides customers with a full range of equity related products, investment options and financing solutions, as well as sophisticated hedging and risk management expertise and comprehensive execution capabilities. The Group's mandate is to trade vanilla (listed and OTC), structured and exotic equity products, and to build a customer franchise that is integrated with, as well as complementing other Equity businesses. Clients include financial institutions, hedge funds, asset managers and corporations across all regions, including the emerging markets. Marketing and Structuring are mandated to identify client needs with a view to finding the appropriate solutions and transactions, while Trading is responsible for hedging risk in the open market.


Convertible trading involves both secondary trading to clients such as hedge funds, and the market-making of companies issuing convertible bonds to investors outright. It also promotes trading of credit default swaps and asset swaps to the client base, and liaises with the sales force to distribute market information and research.

Prime Services

Prime Services provides a wide range of services to hedge funds and institutional clients, including prime brokerage, start-up services, capital introductions, securities lending, synthetics, and innovative financing solutions. Prime Services' most recent accolades include 20 Best-In-Class Awards and a #2 global ranking in Global Custodian's 2005 Prime Brokerage Survey, a #2 global ranking by Institutional Investor's 2005 Alpha Awards and #1 market share by assets in Macro, Fixed Income and Credit strategies in EuroHedge.

Proprietary Trading

The Equity Prop Trading Group operate a comprehensive range of statistical, fundamental, opportunistic and derivatives-based trading strategies in all the major global equity markets, maintaining a presence in New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Korea and Australia. The Equity Prop Group forms part of the Global Prop Trading Group, which has a cross asset-class remit enabling them to take advantage of opportunities irrespective of the area in which they arise (Rates, Credit, Equities, etc).

Credit Suisse is a member of both the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Montreal Exchange.

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