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In new Scope

Our fast-moving social and political environment calls for bold decisions. Entrepreneurs with an open mind are needed to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Openness is the only way to spot opportunities and see the bigger picture.

Opportunities abound in the current environment, as illustrated by the following selection of articles in the latest issue of Scope:



Thinking future.

Healthcare transformation – Artificial intelligence and big data creating new business models 

Sustainable investing based on ESG criteria – Credit Suisse Asset Management gets down to business

Safety and security – Thematic investing along the security line 

In an interview, Burkhard Varnholt, CIO of Credit Suisse Switzerland, and futurist Nils Müller explain how disruptive developments are leading to new technologies and therefore new investment opportunities. Combined with ESG criteria, the long-term potential for adding value is even more attractive. 


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