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Prepare your family for a brighter future.

Managing the complexities of wealth calls for holistic and tailored solutions. Our comprehensive financial advisory services deliver the expertise and integrated offering you and your family office need to stay a step ahead.

Take tomorrow.
With our UHNW and family office solutions.

A partnership to manage, protect and preserve your family wealth

You have worked hard for your wealth. We are here to help you manage it and plan the best way for you to pass it on – safely and with confidence. Our Wealth Planning specialists make sure that when it comes to your retirement, inheritance and succession planning, your personal, family and business affairs are organised optimally and in line with your wishes.

Develop an inheritance plan

Your priorities and concerns are paramount; we help you structure a solution so that your wealth will go to your chosen beneficiaries at the time you choose, and in the manner you would like them to benefit.

Protect your wealth through trust solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of trust and estate advisory services so that you can protect your wealth – now and for tomorrow. Find out at a personal consultation whether a trust would be right for you.

Benefit from our family office solutions

Although every family office has unique requirements, common themes include finding investment solutions that go beyond traditional investment services and managing substantial and complex portfolios.

Additional considerations

  • Product and service offering might be subject to restrictions depending on the country of residence or other regulatory restrictions.
  • Banking services are provided by Credit Suisse (Luxembourg) S.A., Netherlands Branch and by Credit Suisse (Luxembourg) S.A in Luxembourg.

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