Make informed investment decisions.

A rigorous approach

In today’s complex financial environment, making the right investment decisions depends critically on systematic research and clear-sighted investment analysis, always with the client in mind.

Our global team of research experts lays the groundwork for solid investment strategies. Their advice is formed by combining global perspectives with local knowledge to empower you to make your investment decisions and help you thrive over multiple economic cycles. 

Our role is to orchestrate the process of developing a consistent investment view, defining the process itself, agreeing on the decision-making criteria for how to get there, and ultimately, coming to a decision as to what we’re doing. And for private banks, that’s new.

Michael Strobaek, Credit Suisse Global Chief Investment Officer

The latest insights to keep you informed

Our Credit Suisse Investment Strategy & Research team covers all the key markets from our offices around the globe. These experts distill and present the ever-growing mass of information on investments in a concise way for you. So that you can keep yourself updated on the latest investment trends and opportunities, and make informed investment decisions.

As a Credit Suisse client, you have access to a suite of research publications, in-house tools, as well as insights from our investment professionals at the Credit Suisse Research Institute and our Chief Investment Officer.