Supertrends. Investing with purpose Infrastructure. Crafting a better tomorrow.

Infrastructure. Crafting a better tomorrow.

As countries gear up for post-pandemic economic recovery, many have committed to improving their infrastructure. But the infrastructure of the future will need to be built not just for performance, but sustainability.

While “Infrastructure” is one of the original long-term thematic Supertrends, the topic has recently attracted attention because of its role in major fiscal stimulus packages aimed at reviving global economies. This means that investors, too, are turning their attention towards the companies and innovators driving change in the world’s transportation, energy, water and telecommunications systems, as well as in the cities where people live.

In this video, experts share their views on the future of infrastructure.

5 Infrastructure themes to watch

  • Reinforcing mobility
  • Energy in flux
  • The challenge with water
  • In search of bandwidth
  • Smarter cities

For more detail about the overhaul of global infrastructure to meet both economic and sustainability goals, please see the Supertrends report.

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