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Emerging Markets

Bringing Opportunities Closer to You

Countries and markets across the world are becoming increasingly interconnected. With new markets emerging as major players on the global stage, people and organizations in these regions are seeking new opportunities to pursue their business, investment and wealth aspirations. At Credit Suisse, we are committed to helping you participate in these developments, connecting you to exciting prospects for growing your assets, personal wealth and corporate interests. 

Emerging Markets Council

Emerging Markets is a core franchise of Credit Suisse and our global platform across Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific regions provides us with a unique competitive advantage to serve the needs of our clients. As we continue to see an increase in business opportunities in these high-growth markets across the integrated bank, Credit Suisse has formed the Emerging Markets Council. The Council comprises senior professionals across the Bank who work together to advance our market share, better connect our people, execute our global goals in local markets and expand our client businesses.

Specialist Services

Whether you require investment, private or corporate solutions, or even a combination, Credit Suisse's dedicated Emerging Markets team can take you closer to your financial ambitions:

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