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  1. Putting a message behind the picture

    With humanity facing urgent environmental and social challenges, Yann Arthus-Bertrand employs the power of photography to foster change. His GoodPlanet foundation promotes ecology and solidarity while engaging in projects to boost sustainability efforts worldwide. In an interview with Scope, he explains the role that both individuals and companies have to play in safeguarding the planet for future generations.

  2. Credit Suisse Fund Management S.A. opens Netherlands branch

    Credit Suisse Fund Management S.A. is opening its new Netherlands branch office in Amsterdam on September 1, 2020. This underlines the commitment of Credit Suisse Asset Management to the Dutch market and gives institutional clients direct access to its investment expertise and extensive offering.

  3. Our approach to ESG

    The Credit Suisse ESG framework assumes an active approach to ownership that delivers impactful change and promotes sustainability in our investee companies. Through proxy voting and engagement, we put our values into action, providing leadership in environmental, social and governance issues.

  4. Shortage of student accommodations offers potential for investors

    In Switzerland, only one in ten students finds accommodation on campus or in a residence hall. Global Real Estate of Credit Suisse Asset Management recognized this potential as long as ten years ago.

  5. Special real estate.
    A niche area with potential.

    Special-purpose properties are built for a specific use and are therefore only suitable for other purposes to a limited extent. This entails risks, but at the same time makes them attractive investment properties – assuming the necessary expert knowledge is available. Global Real Estate from Credit Suisse Asset Management holds a total of 93 special-purpose properties in its portfolios.

  6. Simple and easy to trade – ETFs are increasingly popular

    Credit Suisse Asset Management is adding exchange-traded funds to its range. They will supplement the existing Credit Suisse index funds and are set to play an increasingly significant role due to ongoing digitalization.

  7. Invest sustainably in US small caps and global real estate

    Credit Suisse Asset Management is launching two new ETFs today, the CSIF (IE) MSCI USA Small Cap ESG1 Leaders Blue UCITS ETF and the CSIF (IE) FTSE EPRA Nareit Developed Green2 Blue UCITS ETF.

  8. For the sake of the planet – and your portfolio

    An Environmental Impact Equity strategy is a rewarding way for investors to gain access to publicly traded companies that have urgently needed potential solutions to the many environmental challenges facing society in the decades ahead.

  9. Credit Suisse Asset Management gets serious on ESG

    Credit Suisse Asset Management is undertaking a systematic and comprehensive realignment of its investment strategies and product portfolio, in addition to integrating ESG criteria into its investment process. 

  10. Digital transformation in healthcare

    Artificial intelligence and big data are leading to far-reaching innovations and entirely new business models within the healthcare space, boosting quality of life and opening up exciting opportunities for investors.