ESG investing Investment solutions

Investment solutions

ESG-driven investing is the financial world’s response to environmental pollution and unethical behavior.

We offer solutions that take account of Credit Suisse’s sustainability criteria to combine the goals of financial returns with social and/or environmental impact. Our offering includes investment fund solutions and fully customized discretionary mandate solutions. A dedicated sustainability portfolio report is part of our offering.

Fixed Income

Green bonds are one of the most popular and most targeted ways to invest sustainably. At Credit Suisse, we are pioneers in sustainability investing. Click here to find out how we use green bonds even now to generate sustainable performance.

fixed income

Balanced Solutions

Balanced portfolios are all about finding the right balance – between risk and return, between asset classes, and in sustainable investing. Find out how an investment approach dedicated to finding the right balance can train its toolkit on ESG. More information here.

balanced solutions

Global Real Estate

No matter which way you cut it, Real Estate harbors a significant potential for carbon emission reduction. Simple measures around climate control and solar, for example, can reap enormous benefits. Click here to find out how we make these benefits investable.

global real estate

Index Solutions

Replication of indices is one of our strengths. Our proven process is accurate and cost-efficient. With the growth of the universe of ESG indices, index investing is fast becoming one of the most popular ways of targeting ESG. Click here to find out why.

Index Solutions