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  1. Credit Suisse AG Reduces The Daily Investor Fee Factor For Its VIIX ETNs

    Credit Suisse AG announced today that, effective at the open of trading on June 26, 2018, it will reduce the Daily Investor Fee Factor for its VelocityShares™ VIX Short Term ETNs ("VIIX" or the "ETNs") as follows:

  2. Swiss labor market: untapped potential not being used despite shortage of skilled workers

    Credit Suisse publishes its "Monitor Switzerland" for Q2 2018

  3. 5g-das-muessen-sie-uebers-mobile-internet-der-zukunft-wissen

    Five things you need to know about 5G infrastructure

    As digital natives, millennials are not only creating a Supertrend, but they’re also able to explain leaps in technology to us, such as 5G's potential for the telecommunications sector. Five facts you need to know about the mobile internet of the future.

  4. immobilienbewertung-bei-aenderungen-wichtig

    It pays to revalue your real estate

    Values such as amortization or maximum loan amount are generally based on the original purchase price of real estate. When planning renovations, extending an existing mortgage, or looking into bridge financing, it is advisable to have your property revalued by an expert.

  5. supertrends-background-and-findings

    "Supertrends give clients a thematic focus"

    Credit Suisse has captured the spirit of the times with its supertrends. In our interview, Nannette Hechler-Fayd'herbe – Head of Global Investment Strategy & Research – explains how the supertrends were defined, what investment opportunities exist, and how the bank plans to move forward with the supertrends.

  6. Credit Suisse Announces Senior Appointments in Southeast Asia Investment Banking

    Credit Suisse today announced two senior appointments in its Southeast Asia Investment Banking business, as it continues to strengthen its franchise in the region. Yvonne Voon has been appointed Head of Southeast Asia Real Estate in Investment Banking & Capital Markets (IBCM), and Felicity Chan will assume the role of Head of Equity Syndicate for Southeast Asia in our Markets business.

  7. Debt-in-Switzerland-is-high-due-to-mortgage-debt

    Debt not increasing as fast as before

    Switzerland has one of the world's highest debt ratios for private households, and the figure is continuously increasing. Find out why high mortgage debt is problematic for a country, and where the trend is likely to go in the next few years.

  8. Commodities Rose on Reduced Supplies

    Commodities rose in May as supplies were reduced due to higher temperatures and increased demand.