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UHNW Solutions

We offer a wide range of solutions for financing, managing, optimizing, and protecting the private and corporate assets of our Private Banking clients.


Conventional Liquid Asset-Based Lending


Access to Placements by Credit Suisse


Sophisticated Financing and Hedging


  • Based on portfolios
  • Based on controlling positions
  • Different currencies, terms, and redemptions
  • Using collars


  • Semi-institutional handling and access
    • Placement of shares (initial public offerings and subsequent offerings)
    • Debt placements


  • Structured financing (pre-acquisition, project finance)
  • Aircraft financing
  • Import financing (capital goods)
  • Ship financing
  • Hedging (equity, foreign exchange, and interest rates)


Wealth Planning


Family Office Services


Investment Banking Services


  • Legal structures (trusts)
  • Escrows
  • Philanthropy advisory services


  • Family financial education
  • Family governance recommendations
  • Structuring investment committees
  • Consolidation

Access to:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Public and private placements in debt markets and capital markets
  • Staggered sales and block sales of equity positions and bonds

Some of these services are offered from platforms in Switzerland or the US.
Note: Credit Suisse does not provide any advice regarding taxes, but it may recommend tax advisors.

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