Entrepreneurs Meet the entrepreneurs who are taking tomorrow.

Meet the entrepreneurs who are taking tomorrow.

LIVEKINDLY Collective, Girteka, Linet and CropX are just a few of the private companies that have turned to Credit Suisse to help them transform their vision into a thriving business.

CropX. Innovation is silver but execution is gold.

In just three years, 10,000 farmers in 50 countries have adopted the CropX farm management platform to help them make better, more sustainable decisions. Originally focused on water management, today it measures all inputs, from fertilizer to chemicals and more.

CEO Tomer Tzach says: “We started from the soil, bottom up. I say we’re scalable and soilable. In that respect, the world is moving in our direction.”

The cloud-based platform uses sensors to collect data about soil conditions so the farmer knows exactly where, when and how much to add of any input. Central to its success is that it is easy to implement and simple to use.

“The main issue with agriculture isn’t the technology, it’s about the simplicity of the technology,” Tomer says. “It’s about creating something simple that a farmer could adopt easily.”

Watch Tomer share how he has built his company into a world leader by innovation, looking beyond in-house success and never giving up.

What can entrepreneurs learn from CropX?

For those who take tomorrow. Our services for entrepreneurs.

  • Corporate finance and M&A
    With our institutional structuring capabilities and sector-specific expertise, we help finance growth, manage cash flows and optimize the balance sheet. We can also assess, negotiate and fund M&A deals.
  • Corporate structured lending
    We provide corporate lending for companies looking to expand. From monetizing stock holdings to lending against real assets, cash flow and financial and non-financial assets, we deliver the right solutions.
  • Export finance
    With experience in capital-intensive industries and wide geographic coverage, we help ambitious companies expand with confidence. Our access to key decision-makers lets you stay focused on your business.
  • IPO advice and support
    We support diverse client IPOs in an ever-changing market environment. From flotation planning and execution to communication, we ensure a strategy tailored to each fund-raising situation.
  • Access to experts
    Whether your business goals are growth, valuation or risk mitigation, your Relationship Manager can connect you to the right Credit Suisse experts, including corporate advisory and capital market professionals.
  • Private Innovation Circle
    Launched by Credit Suisse in 2014 to showcase forward-thinking ventures, the PIC connects successful entrepreneurs and private investors. The PIC is distinguished by its strong global network.
  • Private placements
    Investors pursuing direct investments in private companies often face challenges. We provide a clear perspective, strategy and wide network of experts to achieve the best outcome.
  • One-bank advantage
    For complex needs, our investment banking, asset management and private banking experts provide a powerful advantage. Our tailored solutions can finance, optimize and protect your private and corporate assets.
  • Succession and long-term planning
    Our private banking advisors can support you with the transition to the next generation. For those seeking to exit, our investment banking experts can help maximize company value for liquidity.
  • The Family Institute
    Sponsored by Credit Suisse, the independent Family Institute supports families in financial and non-financial matters. From inheritance and succession to communication, we help families feel confident about the future.

Achieve your entrepreneurial vision.

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